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  • bentazone

    Jiangsu China (Mainland) C10H12N2O3S herbicide Liquid SHANGHAI 48% L/C,T/T yelloq 

    FAO Standard HerbicideNOMENCLATURE Common name bentazone (BSI, E-ISO, (f) F-ISO, JMAF); bentazon (ANSI, Canada, WSSA); bendioxide (Republic of South Africa)IUPAC name 3-isopropyl-1H-2,1,3-benzothiadiazin-4(3H)-one 2

  • Supplier - Shenzhen Cropstar Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
    China (Mainland)
  • herbicide sprayers

    mist or straight line in time diverse 2 year pp bag with carton without lock OEM or currently 

    herbicide sprayers NC-008-2 Item name: Compression sprayer|plastic sprayer|pump sprayers I Model: NC-008-2 PP top head & PET bottle Lance & Brass nozzles Adjustable nozzle & mist & straight Working pressure: 0.2MP...

  • Supplier - NCL(ASIA)LIMITED
    [Manufacturer,Trading Company]
    China (Mainland)
  • Nicosulfuron herbicide

    Henan China (Mainland) C15H18N6O6S HERBICIDE Liquid shanghai 4% panpan SC 

    1. Supplier of nicosulfuron herbicide 2. Competitive price and quality assured 3. CAS NO. 111991-09-4 NICOSULFURON herbicide 40 g/L SC Action: Selective; System CAS No. : 111991-09-4 Technical Grade: 95% min Formulations: 75% WG

  • Supplier - Zhengzhou Panpan Chemical Co., Ltd.
    [Manufacturer, Trading Company]
    China (Mainland)
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China Bentazone Herbicide:China Herbicide

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