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  • Isophthaloyl dichloride

    Isophthaloyl dichloride Synonyms: 1,3-benzenedicarboxylicacid,dichloride;1,3-Bis(chlorocarbonyl)benzene;chlorured’acidebenzodicarboxylique-1,3;chlorured’isophthaloyle;Dichlorid kyseliny isoftalove;dichloridkyselinyisoftalove;Isophthalic acid

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  • zirconium

    ZRM rods pure and Shiny surface tianjing 4377 0.125 in to 0.625 in. dia 99.6%zirconium refractory 

    Zirconium bar is made up of 99.95% Zirconium,the surface is pure and on any defecte,It's very straight,the quality is very good! ZirconiumSpecifications:mmmmmm88020010.1±0.00530080088020020.2±0.01300100088020030.3±0

  • Supplier - Baoji Zenith Technology Co., Ltd.
    China (Mainland)
  • Zirconium

    Henan China (Mainland) slabby China port annealed(M),coldrolled(y) Zr zirconium wooden package L/C,T/T 

    Zirconium plate Ideal material of anode,accessory of the anti cauterization pump Zirconium plate Ideal material of anode,accessory of the anti cauterization pumpDimension:(0.1-0.6)×(500-400)×LmmDelivery condition:annealed(M)

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  • zirconium

    any port of China China (Mainland) L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union 

    Zirconium alloy Zirconium plate zirconiumalloy740)this.width=740" border=undefined> ZrSnFeNiCrFe+Ni+CrFe+CrZr01——————ZrSn1.4-0.11.20-1.700.07-0.200.03-0.080.05-0.150.18-0.38—ZrSn1.4-0.21.20-1

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    Is Concentrate 

    Elements Mass fraction, % ZrO2+HfO2 65,0 not less Matches 14-10-015-98Chemical composition:ElementsMass fraction, %ZrO2+HfO265,0 not lessTiO20,2...0,3Al2O31,2...1,5Fe2O30,09U+Th320 p.p.m not lessHumidity0,1 not moreCaO+MgO0,1 not moreP2O50

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