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  • Stannous Sulphate

    Odorless shanghai Emerald granule crystal Shanghai China (Mainland) L/C,T/T White Stannous Sulphate Stannous Sulphate 

    Apex Stannous Sulphate has high quality and purity, convenient packages, and reasonable price. General FeaturesGradePlating Grade / Aluminum Grade; Nickel 22.2% min.Applicationmain material of tin-plating and surface treatment of aluminium alloy

  • Supplier - APEX CHEMICAL CORP.
  • Stannous methanesulfonate

    Stannous methanesulfonate Product Name: Stannous methanesulfonate Synonyms: STANNOUS METHANE SULFONATE;TIN(II) METHANESULFONATE;methanesulfonic acid tin(2+) salt;Tin Methane Sulfate;TIN(II) METHANESULFONATE, 50 WT. % SOLUT ION IN WATER;Tinmethanesulfona

  • Supplier - Wuhan Yuancheng Gongchuang Technology Co.,Ltd
    China (Mainland)
  • Stannous Sulfate

    Stannous Sulfate CAS ;7488-55-3 25KG/BAG Stannous SulfateStannous SulfateMolecular FormulaSnSO4 SpecificationARMolecular Weight214.75Physical and Chemical PropertiesWhite CrystalsUseAcidic plating, anodized coloring of aluminum profiles

  • Supplier - Lianyungang Tiandong International Trade Co., Ltd.
    China (Mainland)
  • Stannous Sulfate Tin Sulfate Stannou Sulphate

    Guangxi China (Mainland) SnSO4 main material of tin-plating and s... Any port of China 99% Stannous Sulfate Electron Grade, Industrial Grad... SnSO4 

    1) Molecular formula: SnSO4 2) Properties: white crystal 3) Longtime export. Stannous Sulphate(SnSO4) is a chemical compound, and a convenient source of tin ions uncontaminated with tin species

  • Supplier - BAOFULL CO LTD
    China (Mainland)
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