Inquiry about NTN Bearing

Post Date:2012/11/22 15:06:24

May you please quote the following bearings urgently
25bwd01, 27bwd01j, 28bwd03a, 28bwd01a, 30bwd08, 30bwd01a, 
30bwd04, 32bwb05, 34bwd04b, 34bwd11, 34bwd10b, 34bwd08a, 
34bwd09a, 35bwd19e, 35bwd07a, 35bwd16, 35bwd06a, 36bwd04, 
36bwd03, 36bwd01b, 37bwd01, 38bwd19, 38bwd21, 38bwd09a, 
38bwd22, 38bwd04, 38bwd12, 38bwd24, 38bwd15, 38bwd10b, 
38bwd06d, 38bwd23a, 38bwd18, 39bwd03, 39bwd01l, 39bwd05, 
40bwd16, 40bwd15a, 40bwd06d, 40bwd12, 40bwd08a, 40bwd05, 
40bwd14, 42b wd12, 42bwd06, 42bwd09, 42bwd13, 42bwd11, 
43bwd12a, 43bwd08, 43bwd13a, 43bwd03, 43bwd06b, 45bwd06, 
45bwd03, 45bwd09, 45bwd10, 46bwd01a, 48bwd01, 49bwd02, 

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