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    Inquiry about Automatic car light sensor

    i need one item of light sensor
    please tell me how to pay for you and total cost include shipping to egypt

    Inquiry Product:Automatic car light sensor


    Post Time:2018/1/17 14:48:43

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    Inquiry about silicone protector

    Dear Sir or Madame,
    Im writing on behalf of the company eSpring GmbH based in Germany. They are a successful online retailer with 16 brands in different product categories who have a very innovative sales approach to make their products bestsellers s...

    Inquiry Product:silicone protector


    Post Time:2018/1/17 9:55:48

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    Inquiry about Echosounder Echologger EU400 (USB type)

    I would like to know the price for Echosounder Echologger EU400 (USB type),
    I am interested in buying 1 Unit/Units,
    Please provide us with a quotation.
    Thank you.

    Inquiry Product:Echosounder Echologger EU400 (USB type)


    Post Time:2018/1/17 5:47:48

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    Inquiry about GCM21A7U2E101JX01D,Murata Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor(MLCC),Murata distributor .

    Dear Sir
    ? ? ?It is my pleasure that you can take the time to read my emai. Im a trader of MLCC in China. To make a long story short, I have an order of MLCC and I sincerely ?want to buy some kinds of Samsung MLCC from your ?company.
    ? ? We would lik...

    Inquiry Product:GCM21A7U2E101JX01D,Murata Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor(MLCC),Murata distributor .


    Post Time:2018/1/16 19:23:32

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    Inquiry about NIPPON CHEMI-CON Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

    Dear Friend,
    Have a nice time.
    I'm Shabnam Mokhtarifar,Purchasing manager of Sayna CO..
     I'm looking for Nippon Chime-con Capacitors,and need a quotation sheet for these bellow very urgently.
    1)Capacitor ERWE451LGN332MDD0M 330MF/450V 63.5*130mm / wit...

    Inquiry Product:NIPPON CHEMI-CON Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor


    Post Time:2018/1/16 5:39:47

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    Inquiry about Signal Transducer

    good day..
    Can you provide DT-1A-B1AC Signal Transducer manual..

    Inquiry Product:Signal Transducer


    Post Time:2018/1/15 15:45:34

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    Inquiry about Gasoline Octane Number Fast Analyzer

    Price on the gasolin octane number analyzer ?
    Hermod Lunde

    Inquiry Product:Gasoline Octane Number Fast Analyzer


    Post Time:2018/1/15 1:19:59

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    Inquiry about 6.2" TFT LCD module

    What is my price please for 10 pieces?
    Thank You

    Inquiry Product:6.2" TFT LCD module


    Post Time:2018/1/14 5:41:32

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    Inquiry about GSM Wireless Burglar Alarm System (G50BE-J)

    I am shy asking this, but all I need is the sim card tray of this product because it was lost.
    Will you be kind enough to supply me with one please ?
    Mario Caruana

    Inquiry Product:GSM Wireless Burglar Alarm System (G50BE-J)


    Post Time:2018/1/14 1:36:07

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    Inquiry about Piezo Buzzer

    Hi dear,
    I'm looking for 380pcs SPB-01
    Let me know if SPB-01 have the specifications that I need like a   
    12 x 9.5 mm  2.3 kHz 5V 83dB (Magnetic Sound Transducer)
    I hope hear you soon

    Inquiry Product:Piezo Buzzer


    Post Time:2018/1/13 22:45:17

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