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    Inquiry about Oven Timers

    Dear Sirs,
    Please inform us if you can supply sauna or oven timers similar to this one at your site:
    Inform us on the prices and delivery terms for 5000pcs and for 10000pcs..

    Inquiry Product:Oven Timers


    Post Time:2017/8/21 19:50:37

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    Inquiry about Gas Boiler-Spare Part

    I'm looking for round expansion tanks for wall boilers
    I need them 6, 7 and 8 lts
    Please send me diameters, thickness and prices
    Thank you
    Best regards

    Inquiry Product:Gas Boiler-Spare Part


    Post Time:2017/8/19 22:37:07

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    Inquiry about Steam Car Washer STJ8000D - Diesel MODE

    THE COST OF THE Steam Car Washer STJ8000D - Diesel MODE

    Inquiry Product:Steam Car Washer STJ8000D - Diesel MODE

    South Africa

    Post Time:2017/8/19 14:47:25

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    Inquiry about Dishwashers SJM-200D

    I just would like to know the price of this commercial dishwasher. 
    Thanks and best regards 

    Inquiry Product:Dishwashers SJM-200D


    Post Time:2017/8/18 20:27:23

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    Inquiry about Ball Valves

    hi this is a valve factory in yuhuan,zhejiang ,china, we mainly make brass valves, if any enquiry please contact us, thanks.

    Inquiry Product:Ball Valves


    Post Time:2017/8/18 15:37:53

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    Inquiry about Air Purifiers- GoodAire Concentrates Solution

    would like to buy the LEMON and LAVENDER concentrate oil
    Please advise availability. thank you

    Inquiry Product:Air Purifiers- GoodAire Concentrates Solution


    Post Time:2017/8/18 12:55:11

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    Inquiry about 2door Commercial Refrigerator B074-2MOOS-E

    Good Afternoon:
    I am looking to trouble shoot an error code that reads: 5H
    If you have a manual or a website where we could look that would be great!!  
    Model#: B074-2MOOS-E
    Thank you for your time and expertise
    York Simcoe Refrigeration Ltd.
    4-2 Ma...

    Inquiry Product:2door Commercial Refrigerator B074-2MOOS-E


    Post Time:2017/8/18 2:15:10

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    Inquiry about Washing machine wash motor and spin motor

    I would like to know the price for Washing machine wash motor and spin motor,
    I am interested in buying 1 Piece/Pieces,
    Please provide us with a quotation.
    Thank you.

    Inquiry Product:Washing machine wash motor and spin motor


    Post Time:2017/8/17 23:14:33

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    Inquiry about NanoMax Series Portable Air Conditioners

    Hello Forstner Ohad,
    Its a great pleasure to know you and you company. We are Nigeria based Nano Tech marketing and distribution company.
    We are interested in your Nano product. We need more details about the products. You can send us mails with pd...

    Inquiry Product:NanoMax Series Portable Air Conditioners


    Post Time:2017/8/17 21:56:03

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    Inquiry about Portable Gas Burner Set

    can you send me a copy of the instruction manual for this gas burner please

    Inquiry Product:Portable Gas Burner Set


    Post Time:2017/8/17 20:10:47

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