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    Inquiry about ABS Powder Off Grade

    Hi, Please send us your offer, we are using this kind of material from Indian company

    Inquiry Product:ABS Powder Off Grade


    Post Time:2018/1/17 18:16:26

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    Inquiry about Resin PC Off Grade

    Hi Please send more details, we are mainly interested in the off grade products.
    Please send some more details about PC

    Inquiry Product:Resin PC Off Grade


    Post Time:2018/1/17 18:12:54

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    Inquiry about Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

    Dear Sir,
    We require EVA 18% content regularly basis so kindly give us your business details. 
    Nitin Joshi
    Yamuna Cable 

    Inquiry Product:Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)


    Post Time:2018/1/17 16:54:55

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    Inquiry about Plastic Scraps

     we are interested to buy HIPS material. pls send me the quotation to my email id . Thank you

    Inquiry Product:Plastic Scraps


    Post Time:2018/1/17 16:03:05

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    Inquiry about Baled ABS Plastic From Computer Scrap

    we interested to buy ABS material. please send the quotation to my email id. Thank you

    Inquiry Product:Baled ABS Plastic From Computer Scrap


    Post Time:2018/1/17 16:00:10

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    Inquiry about EVA Foam Handle, Foam Grip

    I am looking for foam tube handle with the following dimensions outside diameter 

    Inquiry Product:EVA Foam Handle, Foam Grip


    Post Time:2018/1/17 13:27:57

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    Inquiry about Acrylic Pmma

    We are a muanufacturer of bath product from China and now want to purchase PMMA(acrylic) scraps or offcuts in USA. Our annyal quantity last year for 
    such material is about 5,000 tons and will be increasing this year.
    If you have such material and p...

    Inquiry Product:Acrylic Pmma


    Post Time:2018/1/17 10:20:00

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    Inquiry about General Silicone Rubber

    Dear Sir or Madame,
    Im writing on behalf of the company eSpring GmbH based in Germany. They are a successful online retailer with 16 brands in different product categories who have a very innovative sales approach to make their products bestsellers s...

    Inquiry Product:General Silicone Rubber


    Post Time:2018/1/17 10:04:21

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    Inquiry about Acrylic material

    My name is Nick, I am looking for Acrylic Scrap with large quantity every month, please let me know if you have those product.
    My phone number is  1 626238**** and my wechat: lndnick
    Thank you very much

    Inquiry Product:Acrylic material

    United States

    Post Time:2018/1/17 8:32:07

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    Inquiry about White Densified EPS

    To whom it may concern
    Good day to you.
    Our company operates an EPS recycling plant in Korea.
    I'm emailing to ask about EPS ingot.
    We are interested in your product.
    Regarding EPS Ingots, please kindly see as below.
    1. How much supply is available pe...

    Inquiry Product:White Densified EPS


    Post Time:2018/1/17 8:02:15

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