Inquiry about Live Giant Mud Crab

Post Date:2018/4/17 16:34:53

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Jidapha Mekon from Country Group Holding Company.
We satisfied in your product. Would you please send me back quotation of your product descriptions and price?
Before starting our business, we would like to confirm the product quality also.
Please provide me the following information:
- Quantity
- Size
- Best Price
- Port
1.	The quantity that you could provide to the company
2.	 USD/ Kilogram 
3.	Do you have size 1/1 kilo?
4.	What is delivery time?
5.	How is your packing and payment terms
6.	Details of box sizes
7.	Information about shipping
8.	Guarantee and Certificates 

If we would like to order you for 300 kg per day, what would be the best bargaining price for us? Would you mind if I ask you to give me the best price that we can deliver by selling the crabs in our country? 

For more convenient contact please sent me back your Skype, Line, WhatsApp, etc.

Inquired Product

Contact Information of Buyer

This inquiry is from country group holding company sent to cahaya putra ato (My company? Contact us to get all inquires)
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