Inquiry about SK90T - New SK line - Hair Scissor - Hair shear - Barber scissor

Post Date:2018/10/11 21:54:41

We are manufacturing  Beauty Instruments and Barber Supply Items exporting them to the quality conscious barber and beauty industry all over the world. we are one of the leading suppliers of hairdressing & barber scissors.

We also have huge selection of hairdressing barber supplies, Nail Nippers,Cuticle nippers, tweezers, manicure and pedicure kits pet gromming scissor Emdroidery Scissor Tailor Scissor Nail Cutter Toe nail cutter and a lot more 
ffering products and dealing with international clients which repeatedly stand recognized by International business standards and Certificates.
Hydris Industries  exports directly to several customers including America, Europe, Africa & Asia all over the world.Our customers are extremely 
happy with our product quality and service and express their confidence and gratitude at continuous intervals

Address : Street No 6 Muhalla Shah shakoor New Miana Pura Sialkot Pakistan
Contact No +92(307616****)
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