Inquiry about Skate Wings Frozen 500 To 1500 Grams Skin On

Post Date:2018/10/12 10:23:30

Hi, good day to you! This is Ellie from KNT located in Daejeon, South Korea.

We would like to have a price quotation from you about the Frozen Skate (Stingray fish) per kg. Its specification is like the below table.

Could we have this price quotation per kilogram as early as possible?

Because my aunty has owned big Korean Fermented slice raw Skate fish store & restaurant at one of the well-known local fish markets in GwangJu, SouthKorea over decades.

This dish is considered as the most popular main dish at this region in Korea, so their needs from customers is getting bigger and bigger. That's why the stores need the high quality frozen skate fish as much as possible.  

For our Aunty's stores, at least 5 to 6 Tons of Frozen Skate fish per month has been imported from overseas and for us to consume more skates, we need to import directly to cover up the cost due to prevent the increase of the cost.

At once we will import 20 Tons of Frozen Stingray fish wings or whole around. Our annual goal is 80 Tons. 

We look for the strong partner who can provide us with the bulk of High-Quality American Frozen Skate fish.  



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This inquiry is from KNT sent to IPSWICH SHELLFISH CO INC (My company? Contact us to get all inquires)