Inquiry about Universal Wiper Blade with Multi Adaptors 2

Post Date:2018/10/12 15:31:04

Dear Sir,

My name is Mr. Kohyoh Yahagi. I work for Autobacs Seven Co., Ltd. of Japan, located in Tokyo.

We are the largets auto parts, accessories, oil&chemcals, tires, batteries,etc., along with car maintenace services.

I would like to know if you carry Flat Type, Conventional Type, Snow Type, as well as Rear Wiper Blades.

If you do, please introduce me if  your Sales Dept. person for more detailed RFQ discussion.

Please visit our corp. URL to understand our company.

Xie Xie - Kohyoh Yahagi 
Vice President
Overseas Business Dept.
Autobacs Seven Co., Ltd.
www.****.com, www.www.****.com/en

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This inquiry is from Autobacs Seven Co., Ltd. sent to Ningbo Novoflow Wiper Blade Manufacture Limited (My company? Contact us to get all inquires)