Inquiry about Salmon Belly Flaps

Post Date:2018/10/12 17:02:33

Can you please let me know if you are able and interested to deliver Frozen Salmon Belly Flaps, size 2-3 cm, skin on, without bones, 5-10% glazing products, 10-15 kg bulk packing in paper boxes, 25 tons in 40 feet containers to South Korea?

If so, can you please let me have your:

1.	Price CIF Busan Port, South Korea
2.	Required payment terms and methods
3.	Confirmation that your product is fresh enough to eat without cooking
4.	Photos of your product   

If your response to the above is positive we will proceed as follows:

5.	Sampling (paid by us): Please put 500g fresh product in 4 zipper bags (totally 2kg) into a styrofoam box with 2 kg block dry ice and ship by air to us in South Korea
6.	If our conclusion is that the quality of the above samples are satisfactory we will order 110 kg fresh product for sanitary inspection by the Korean authorities
7.	If the result from this inspection is accepted by the Korean authorities we will order 25 tons in one 40 feet container
8.	Following a successful first delivery we will order 75-100 tons per month.

Thanks & best regards,
Ketil Skjeggedal
Phone: +47 9092****
Sales Agent and Technical & Commercial Consultant

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