Inquiry about Dispersing Machine

Post Date:2018/10/12 17:26:08

Good day,

We are from Zero Enterprise.

We want to buy two difference dimension of High Speed Dissolver for paint. We do not need main electrical motor, hydraulic electrical motor, electrical remote control and inverter. We just need the frame of dissolver, axles, hydraulic pump and power pack, bearing, pulley and mixing shaft.

55KW full size hydraulic cylinder. 15KW inner hydraulic cylinder.

The machine is floor type.

Please quote us based on the drawing, you need to follow our dimension, and other you can give us your dimension.

Please quote us  C.I.F. Pasir Gudang Port, Johor, Malaysia.

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This inquiry is from Zero Enterprise sent to Tianjin Yonglida Material Testing Machine Co., Ltd. (My company? Contact us to get all inquires)
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