Inquiry about 600W wind generator

Post Date:2018/10/12 17:56:50

Dear sir,

My company need for one of our customer 1 sample of this windturbine Newmeil 600W.

We are in France.
My adress:

Mr Acosta Sébastian
42 Boulevard du Maréchal Foch, bat4 Résidence les belles fontaines
77300 Fontainebleau

Have you data sheet to this product? 12V 24V 48V?

We need to use it in on-grid system.

Have you to a grid tie inverter to 230V?

Have you_Brake module BR3 grid tie brake controller for 600W  wind turbine grid tie system.

How many time to arrive in France and how much cost the freight.


Inquired Product

Contact Information of Buyer

This inquiry is from *.acosta@lasila*.com sent to Suzhou Newmeil Machinery And Equipment Co., Ltd. (My company? Contact us to get all inquires)
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