Search products

What can I search for?
  • You can search for: 
  • • Products - by name, category or country
  • • Suppliers - by name, product category or country 
How do I search?
  • If you are looking for information on a specific product or supplier, use the keyword search box located on the homepage and other pages:
  • 1. First, select a product category from the drop-down menu on the right (see below). Alternatively, you can leave the selection as "All categories" to search all available information
  • 2. In the next menu, you can select whether you are searching for Products or Suppliers.
  • 3. Enter your keyword(s).
  • 4. Click Search.
Search Tips
  • 1. Spell correctly.
  • 2. The more specific the keywords, the less the search results. 
  • 3. Try different names of a product.
  • 4. Search in all categories, compared to just in one category. 
  • 5. Avoid generic words, especially those bearing multiple meanings.
  • 6. Choose more specific keywords when necessary.