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  • Andeli Group Co., Ltd.

     China (Mainland)
    Various circuit breakers,contactor,relay,voltage stabilizer,instrument,meter,rectifier,fuse,weld machine,circuit breaker,transformer,starter,cutter machine,Current Transformer,switch,power supply,solar light,plug,light,pushbutton
    ISO 9001:2008
    Above 10,000 square meters
    Digital Frequency Meter,digital hz meter, meter

  • Digital Frequency Meter &Digital Power factor Meter product picture
    Digital Frequency Meter &Digital Power factor Meter
  • Shijiazhuang Fortune Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.

     China (Mainland)
    Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler, Other
    Coriolis Mass Flow Meters(flowmeter),Electromagnetic Flow Meters(flowmeter),Ultrasonic Flow Meters(flowmeter),Variable Area Flow Meters(flowmeter),Vortex Flow Meters(flowmeter),Water Flow Meters(flowmeter),Oil Flow Meters(flowmeter),Metal Rotameters(flowmeter),Steam Flow Meters(flowmeter),Gas Flow Meters(flowmeter),Air Flow Meters(flowmeter),Mass flow meter,Magnetic flow meter,mag meter,Handheld flow meter(flowmeter),Handheld ultrasonic flow meter,Portable flow meter(flowmeter),Portable ultrasonic flow mete
    electromagnetic flow meter, vortex flow meter, variable area flow meter

  • Fischer & Porter Flow meter(flowmeter) product picture
    Fischer & Porter Flow meter(flowmeter)
  • Beijing Huakeyi Power Plant Instrument Research Institute

     China (Mainland)
    pH meter,conductivity meter,sodium meter,dissolved oxygen meter,acid & alkalinity concentration meter,phosphate analyzer,silica analyzer,dissolved-oxygen analyzer,sodium analyzer,multi-channel distributor,hydrazine analyzer,pH analyzer,conductivity analyzer,acid & alkali concentration analyzer,combustible gas detector,toxic gas detector
    Alkali concentration meter, concentration meter,Alkali meter

  • HK-268 Acid & Alkali Concentration Meter product picture
    HK-268 Acid & Alkali Concentration Meter


     China (Mainland)
    Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler
    Force gauge/meter Push pull gauge Test stand,Shore A/C/D/O durometer Tire durometer/tester,Tension meter Gram gauge Sclerometer,Ultrasonic coating paint thickness gauge/meter,Leeb/Brinell/Rockwell Hardness tester/meter,Gloss Meter Gloss meters Surface roughness testers,Anemometer Grain/Wood Moisture Meter/meters,Humidity/Temperature meter Dew point meter,Lux/UV light meter/tester Calibrator,Densimeter Vibration meter Stroboscope(FPM) PH/ORP,PH/ORP controller/meter Ultrasonic flaw detectors,Photo/contact tac
    Humidity meter,mini humidity meter, digital humidity meter

  • Humidity&Temperature Meter(HT-86) product picture
    Humidity&Temperature Meter(HT-86)
  • Jinan Zhongheng Jiarui Lighting


     China (Mainland)
    Manufacturer, Trading Company, Agent
    LED diodes,LED lighting,fluorescent lighting,HPS MH HID lighting,GST18i3 ACC Welland Electro,ballast,gear unit,gear-box,capacitor,ignitor,transformer,led driver,power cord,power cable,ceiling lighting,downlights,spot lamp,wall lamp,floodlight,wall washer,bay lighting,light strip,climate controller,power controller,function controller,thermostat,barostats,hygrostat,ventilation fan,pump valve,air purification,water purification,circuit beaker,MCB,contactor
    PH meter, portable ph meter, meter

  • Yueqing Hecheng Electrical Co., Ltd.

     China (Mainland)
    Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler
    Definite purpose contactor,AC solid state relay,DC solid state relay,dual solid state relay,phase control thyristor,rectifier diode,bridge rectifier module,thyristor module,diode module,Switching power supply,fast switching thyristor,Fast recovery module,STUD type diode,STUD type thyristor,SCR power controller,power inverter,Temperature controller,power semiconductor assmebly,Standard recovery diode,high voltage thyristor
    ISO 9001:2000
    Humidity Meter, temperature humidity meter, temperature

  • Humidity & Temperature Meter AR837 product picture
    Humidity & Temperature Meter AR837
  • Wuxi Sunan Electrotechnical Machinery Co., Ltd.


     China (Mainland)
    Gantry moving take-up and paying-off stands,TQD series pneumatic caterpillar tractor,insulation and sheathing extrude line,optical cables jacketing and ADDSS production line,swing take-up and paying off stands,frame strander,ground roller take-up machine,gantry hanging take-up and paying off stands,CCV/VCV cross-link cable domestic mating,double wheels tensioner,tubular strander,CCV &VCV product,Taping machine,Armoring
    1,000-3,000 square meters
    meter, cable equipment, cable machine

  • YYJ Meter Counter & Printer product picture
    YYJ Meter Counter & Printer
  • Shaanxi Xieli Photo Electric Instrument Co., Ltd.

     China (Mainland)
    Digital panel meters,digital voltmeters,digital ammeters,digital frequency meters,power and pf meters,counters,timers,thermometers,tachometers,automatic multi-measurement meters and tms meters,lcd display meters,lcd multi-electric parameter meters,transmitter display digital meters,super-mini digital meters,high &low limit-adjustable digital meters,digital meters,digital indicators,electronic meters,digital display meters,current meter
    LED Amp Meter,Digital LED Amp Meter

  • Amp Meter standard Digital LED product picture
    Amp Meter standard Digital LED

    Vibration Meters,vibration Switch,Vibration Sensors,Multi-channel Analysis,Wireless Systems,Vibration Data Collectors,Route Software,Online Vibration Monitoring Systems,infrared thermometer,Thermal imager,laser alignment Instrument,pulley alignment,thermovision camera,ultrasonic,sound and noise  
    Noise meter, sound level meter,environment protection instruments

  • Environmental vibration & Noise meter product picture
    Environmental vibration & Noise meter


    Manufacturer, Buying Office, Agent, Distributor/Wholesaler, Other
    Fire Control Panel,Fire Detector,Fire Strobe Siren,Fire Alarm Bell,Manual Call Point,Shock Piezo Siren,Mechnical Buzzer,Solar Traffic Sign,Reflection Roadmark,Solar Road Stud,Convex Mirror,Speed Downer,Road Reflection Stud,Solar Traffic LED Light,L Type Corner Guard,Digital Meter,Solid State Relay,Timer,Counter,Temperature Controller
    3,000-5,000 square meters
    Meter, panel meter,multimeter

  • Tachometer & Line Speed Meter(SM-10) product picture
    Tachometer & Line Speed Meter(SM-10)


     China (Mainland)
    Manufacturer, Agent
    esd cloth,esd box,esd mat,esd brush,esd tweezer,esd finger cots,clean wiper,clean paper,SMT pcb rack,esd shoes
    Wow flutter meter,100MHz-1GHz frequcency meter,powermultifunctionan eaual accuracy frequency mete

  • 1668 Wow &flutter meter product picture
    1668 Wow &flutter meter
  • Zhangzhou Weihua Electronic Co., Ltd.


     China (Mainland)
    Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler
    Digital multimeters,clamp meters,capacitance meters,digital LC meters and other digital meters,digital panel meters,numberal century calendar,LCD digital clock,Environment Tester,Metal Detector,Photo tachometer,Digital thermometer,Battery Tester,Infrared Thermometer,Digital Gas Detector,Digital Moisture Meter,Digital Lux Meter,Digital humidity and temperature meter,Non-conductive Voltage Detector,Photo tachometer,Digital thermometer
    5,000-10,000 square meters
    Wh-1360 Humidity temperature Meter,High Quality Thermometer Temperature Humidity,Digital Humidity

  • WH-1360 Humidity &Temperature meter product picture
    WH-1360 Humidity &Temperature meter
  • CNSZ Security Technology Co., Ltd.


     China (Mainland)
    Manufacturer, Trading Company, Agent
    Fire-fighting products,family security products,police equipment,lock,fingerprint lock
    PORTABLE Neutron Survey Meter,Neutron gamma ray Meter

  • Neutron&gamma ray Survey Meter product picture
    Neutron&gamma ray Survey Meter
  • Automore co.,ltd.


    Manufacturer, Trading Company  
    Digital Counter Meter, Digital Panel Meter, Volt Amp Meter, Frequency Meter, Rate Meter, Kw Kwh Kva Kvar, Strain Gage Input, Thermocouple & Rtd Panel Meter, Temperature Indicator, Thermocouple, Power Meter, Digital Process Meter, Transmitter, Power Factor, Phase Protection, Protection Relay, Current / Voltage Source, Calibrator, Rs485 / 422, Rs232  
    Below 1,000 square meters

  • Amp Meter product picture
    Amp Meter
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