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  • Diamond Line Chassis and trucks


     United States
    Trading Company, Business Service (Transportation, finance, travel, Ads, etc), Other  
    Trader,Exporter,Rep,Importer,Trade Agent  
    ISO 9001:2000
    Below 1,000 square meters
    Injectors for N14-MII

  • Cummins Injectors product picture
    Cummins Injectors
  • Beijing Global Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

     China (Mainland)
    Nozzles,elements,delivery valves,crankshafts,cylinder blocks,cylinder heads,pistons,injectors,piston rings,feeding pumps,oil pumps,turbochargers,cylinder sleeves,piston pins,repair kits,valves,diesel pumps,turbochargers
    Cummins injector 3016675

  • Cummins injector product picture
    Cummins injector
  • Wuhan Bosirui Electronic Technology Co;Ltd

     China (Mainland)
    Business Service (Transportation,finance,travel,Ads,etc)
    engine, engine parts, injectors,injection pump,water pump,oil pump,filter,nozzles,valves,plungers,sensors.generator,gasket
    Cummins Fuel Injector 3022197/diesel Injector /current Injector, Diesel Fuel Injectors For Sale,Cummins Fuel Injector,Diesel Fuel Injectors For Sale

  • Cummins fuel injector 3022197/diesel injector /current injector product picture
    Cummins fuel injector 3022197/diesel injector /current injector
  • Hangzhou gekai trading Co.,Ltd

     China (Mainland)
    Cummins Fuel Injector Nozzle 4940640, Injector Nozzle 4940640,Injector Nozzle 4940640,Injector Nozzle 4940640

  • Cummins fuel injector Nozzle 4940640 product picture
    Cummins fuel injector Nozzle 4940640
  • Chongqing ZhuoJin International Trading Co., Ltd

     China (Mainland)
    Engine parts: Cummins cylinder head, cylinder, turbocharger, sump and so on. Intake: air filter, throttle, intake resonator, intake manifolds. Crank: piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, connecting rod, crankshaft tile, piston rings, etc. Valve: camshaft, intake valves, exhaust valves, rocker, rocker shafts, tappets, push rod. Transmission parts: flywheel, pressure plate, transmission, drive shaft and so on. Fuel system parts: fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel filter, fuel injectors, pressure regulator, fuel
    cummins injector,bosch injector

  • cummins injector 4940640 product picture
    cummins injector 4940640
  • Chongqing Kang Famous Commerce Co., Ltd.

     China (Mainland)
    rading Company,Distributor/Wholesaler,Agent
    cummins engine,cummins information,cummins parts,commins product,cummins spares,cummins diesel,chongqing cummins,dongfeng cummins,cummins generator,cummins engine parts,cummins marine,cummins diesel engine,cummins power,cummings engines,cummins Crankshaft,cummins Camshaft,cummins Piston,cummins Cylinder Head,cummins Fuel Pump,cummins Injector
    Cummins injector, injector, Cummins

  • Cummins 3016675 injector product picture
    Cummins 3016675 injector
  • Shiyan Renman Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.


     China (Mainland)
    Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler
    Cummins part,cummins engine,piston,piston ring,water pump,oil pump,connecting rod,bearing bush,core oil cooler,gear chamber,oil pan,valve and valve parts,cylinder block cylinder head,crankshaft,camshaft,oil injector,pipeline / tubing,overhaul kit,renaul dcill engine,turbocharger
    Injector,Original Cummins Parts

  • Cummins Injector 4940640 product picture
    Cummins Injector 4940640
  • Hubei Chengjun Industry Co., Ltd.


     China (Mainland)
    Trading Company, Agent
    cummins engine parts,cummins parts,cummins engine,cylinder block,cylinder head/valve,piston/ring/cylinder liner,crankshaft/camshaft/bearing,pump/injector,alternator/starter/turbocharger/air compressor,connection rod/bushings,gasket/seal/pipe,fuel filter oil filter water filter air filter,gear housing,flywheel
    cummins fuel injector,feul injector,cmmins parts

  • Cummins Fuel injector product picture
    Cummins Fuel injector
  • Shiyan Zhongjie Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.


     China (Mainland)
    Trading Company, Agent, Distributor/Wholesaler
    Cummins engine,Cummins parts,Cummins piston,Cummins air compressor,Cummins lubricating oil pump,Cummins fuel transfer pump,Cummins camshaft,Cummins cylinder head,High-pressure tubing,Clutch Series
    Cummins injector clamp,Cummins injector press plate, Cummins parts

  • Cummins fuel injector clamp product picture
    Cummins fuel injector clamp
  • Shiyan Zhuoyaxuan Materials Trading Co., Ltd.


     China (Mainland)
    Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler
    Cummins parts,Drag link,Steering tie rod end,Adjustment arm,Radiator assembly,Cummins Engine parts,Renault engine parts,Dongfeng Kinland spare parts,Dongfeng T-lift spare parts,Dongfeng Kingrun spare parts,Dongfeng Light truckpspare parts,Dongfeng minibus spare parts,Yongtong bus parts,Hydraulic steering pump
    cummins diesel injectors, diesel injector

  • Cummins  diesel Injector 3283562 product picture
    Cummins diesel Injector 3283562
  • Taian Friendly Trade Co.,Ltd

     China (Mainland)
    balancing machine,dynamic balancing machine,pump balancing machine,turbocharger balancing machine,blower balancing machine,ventilator balancing machine,fuel injection test bench,fuel pump test bench,common rail test bench,injector tester
    ISO 9001:2000
    PT Cummins test bench, cummins injector test bench, cummins PT pump test bench

  • PT301 CUMMINS Injector Seal Test Stand product picture
    PT301 CUMMINS Injector Seal Test Stand
  • Tianjin City P.R.E. Imp & Exp Trade Co., Ltd.


     China (Mainland)
    Manufacturer, Trading Company, Agent, Distributor/Wholesaler
    FOTON spare parts,HOWO spare parts,DONGFENG spare parts,BEIFANG BENCHI spare parts,TATRA spare parts
    Below 1,000 square meters
    Foton Cummins Parts,Foton Cummins

  • Foton Cummins Injector 5283275 product picture
    Foton Cummins Injector 5283275
  • CHJ Power Co.

     United States
    Diesel Injection pumps,spare parts of VE pumps,Injector assembly,spare parts of injector assembly,some diesel engine parts,Bsoch,Caterpillar,Cummins,Detroit,Zexel ?
    ISO/TS 16949
    Fuel Injector

  • Cummins Electrical Control Injector product picture
    Cummins Electrical Control Injector
  • Shiyan Guanyu Automotive Components Co., Ltd.


     China (Mainland)
    Manufacturer, Trading Company, Agent
    Door assy,cummins engine assembly,truck cab and covering,clutch system,transmission,electrical / ECU,dongfeng truck parts,cummins parts,Kavian parts,Nissan parts,T375 parts,Cummins Engine
    5,000-10,000 square meters
    Cummins Bosch Injector 4948364 for Engine,High Quality Cummins 4948364,Cummins Engine Injector

  • Cummins Bosch injector 4948364 (for cummins engine) product picture
    Cummins Bosch injector 4948364 (for cummins engine)
  • Jinan Runwo Export & Import Trade Co., Ltd.

     China (Mainland)
    TRUCK PARTS,HOWO PARTS,VOLVO SPARE PARTS,MERCEDES-BENZ PARTS,MAN TRUCK PARTS,DONGFENG spare parts,clutch (discs) platens,propeller shafts,heavy-duty trucks,fittings and trimmings,steel parts,mechanical equipment,electronic products,office equipment,hardware
    1,000-3,000 square meters
    cummins parts,truck parts

  • cummins parts fuel injector product picture
    cummins parts fuel injector
  • Shiyan Lianzhong Trade Co., Ltd.

    Buying office
    Cummins engine,Cummins parts,Cummins Piston,Cummins Turbocharger,Cummins Air Compressor,Cummins lubricating oil pump,Cummins fuel transfer pump,Cummins camshaft,Cumminscylinder head,Truck sales
    cummins injector,injector 9 Cummins part,cummins engine injector

  • cummins injector 6L8.9 3975929 product picture
    cummins injector 6L8.9 3975929
  • Shiyan Elite Industry Trading Co., Ltd.


     China (Mainland)
    Manufacturer, Trading Company
    dumper trucks,tractor trucks,flat trucks,hydraulic crane trucks,engineering trucks,mini-size trucks,oil tank truck,watering truck,garbage truck,heavy duty trucks,Auto Spare Parts,Engine assy,Engine parts,cylinder block,crankshaft,camshaft,turbocharger,Driving cab,Axles,brake assembly
    cummins injector,cummins 6bt injector, injector

  • Dongfeng cummins injector C4940640 product picture
    Dongfeng cummins injector C4940640
  • Shiyan Jinzhao Trade Co., Ltd.


     China (Mainland)
    Trading Company, Agent, Distributor/Wholesaler
    Engine parts,Auto parts,Chassis parts,Dongfeng parts,Cummins parts
    Cummins diesel injector,dense diesel injectors,injector assy diesel

  • Cummins diesel injectorC3975929 product picture
    Cummins diesel injectorC3975929
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