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VHF UHF Omni Directional Exposed Stacked Dipole Array Antenna

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Post Date : May 28
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Antenna Experts
Delhi India


Antenna Experts manufactures two dipole four dipole and eight stacked dipole antenna for VHF and UHF band with 3 dBd 6dBd & 9dBd

Antenna Experts manufactures omni directional exposed stacked dipole antenna for 75MHz, 150MHz, 350MHz, and 450MHz frequency bands with 3 dBd, 6 dBd. 9 dBd. and 12 dBd. gain.The SD series stacked dipole array are highly suitable as base station antennas, repeater station antenna for Repeater and Paging sites.The SD series high performance VHF/UHF stacked dipole arrays are designed for use with highly populated radio sites requiring long haul omni directional coverage.The SD series heavy duty stacked dipole array features, wide bandwidth, high gain, high power handling capacity, low VSWR, low noise performance and null filling coverage with omni directional characteristics.
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Dual Polarized Log Periodic Antennas

Dual Polarized Log Periodic Antennas

Dual Polarized Log Periodic Antennas

Antenna Experts manufacture Dual (H and V both simultaneously) Polarized Log Periodic Dipole Antenna from 20-6000 MHz. Band.

The LPDP series ranges of dual polarized log periodic dipole array are high gain array that provides strong performance over the operating frequency range of 20 MHz to 3000 MHz. as our dual polarized log periodic dipole antenna does not use loading technique to reduce the overall size of array.

The LPDP series dual polarized log periodic dipole antennas are particular suitable for transmission, reception, monitoring, scanning and jamming applications due to its capability of receiving/transmitting both the vertical & horizontal (E & H) polarized signals simultaneously with 2 independently terminations.

The LPDP series Dual or Cross Polarized LPDA features high power handing capabilities, high efficiency, low VSWR and robust mechanical design to accommodate the most extreme environments condition. The Dual Polarized Log Periodic Dipole Array operates at D.C. ground with low resistance discharge path for protection against lightning and for immunity to noise.

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TETRA Band Antennas

TETRA Band Antennas

TETRA Band Antennas

Antenna Experts manufacture Fiberglass Collinear Antenna & High Gain Stacked Dipole Array for TETRA Band.

Antenna Experts manufacture TETRA Band Fiberglass Collinear Antennas for 380-400 MHz, 410-430 MHz, 380-420 MHz, 450-470 MHz and 806-869 MHz with Unity, 3 dBi, 3dBd, 6.8dBi, 6dBd, 9 dBi, 9dBd, 10dBd,12 dBi and 12dBd omni directional gain.

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