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MSF-U Automatic Suppositories Filling and Sealing Machine

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Liaoning China (Mainland)
10 Set/Sets per Month


This machine developed for the production of suppositories in PVC, PVC+PE. Its working is completely automatic.

This machine has been developed for the production of suppositories in PVC, PVC+PE. Its working is completely automatic, pneumatically based, controlled by a programmable logic.

Principle of Operation
Rolls of bits and pieces of plastic materials(PVC,PVC/PE)is formed with plastic-blowing methods above atmosphere pressure in suppository shell manufacturing machine,automatically enters embedment process.

Afeter the mixed medicinal liquid automatically embed into the empty shell through high precision measure pump it is cut into bars of equal length fragment.Through setting in low temperature for a certain time,liquid-solid transmation,it is charged into solid grain.Through process of plastic,seal,printing lot number and cutting,the finished product of suppository is made.

Technological Character
1.Plugged embedment,accurate position,no drops of medicine,not covered on the bottle and high precision measure.
2.Wide applicability ,gelatin medium and traditional Chinese medicine with extremely difficult can be imbedded.
3.PLC programmable control and industrial men-computer operation,high degree automation,easy adjustment,high precision temperature control ,reliable work and smooth operation.
4.Large capacity of liquid reserve,constant temperature,automatic control of mixing and surface of liquid.
5.Low pesition of medicinal packing,low labor intensity.heat preservation equipment of circulation liquid supply and pipe,guaranteeing the medicinal liquid not become solid not become sold when the machine stops.
6.Small area,easy operation.

Main Technical Specifications:

Output: 6000-10000pcs/H

Center Distance of Bullet: 17.5mm

Center Distance of Duck Bill: 26.25mm

Filling Volume: <5ml/pc

Difference of Weight: ±0.02g

Volume of Barrel: 50L

Filling heigh:1400mm

Total Power: 13KW

Air Pressure: 0.6Mpa

Air Consumption: 1.5M3/Min

Water Consumption: 1 ton/H

Total Weight:2 ton

Outline Dimension: 3500*3000*2500mm

Shape of Suppository:Bullet Shape, Duck-mouth Shape, torpedo Shape and other special shapes

Applicable medium:half-synthetic fatty acid glycidol,giycerin gelatin,polyvinyl alcohol

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Working principle:

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1.It has all the features of BGB-C Series high-efficiency coating machine.

2.The coating drum is with a poreless structure. AboveΦ0.6mm tablet coating, versatile in use.

3.It has a specially structured air distributing system, and the air intake and exhaust pipes can be interchanged according to the needs.

4.Different materials are equipped with different air paddles. The paddles can be embedded into or taken off from the material according to technology needs.

5.It has a special cleaning and drainage unit.

Main technical parameters:






Production capacity (kg/run)





Speed adjusting range of coating drum (rpm)





Motor power of main machine (kW)





Regulating range of hot air temperature

Normal temperature to 80 degree centigrade

Filtration accuracy of hot air (mm)

0.5 µm (100000 grade)

Motor power of hot air machine (kW)





Motor power of exhaust air machine (kW)





Motor power of vibration dust-cleaning device (kW)





Motor power of peristalsis pump (kW)





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Blow Molding Machine

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1. Control Unit: Japan Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller and touch panel. English parameter process setting, state monitoring and products counting are convenient and intuitionistic. PLC automatic temperature control model.
2. Hydraulic Unit: It adopts famous international brand hydraulic valve and seal, proportional control. And has features of high stationarity and reliability, accurate operation, long longevity, quick response and so on.
3. Extrusion Unit: Hard gear surface decelerator; Japan Mitsubishi inverter; Screw speed regulation adopts variable-frequency speed regulation control system. It has the features of stable rotate speed, powerful power, energy-saving and so on. Mixing screw has wide applicability to raw materials and the plasticization quality is even better. Energy-saving machine barrel and A-alloy heaters are adopted for heating
4. Die Head Unit: With single cylinder material-center-in accumulator head, is smooth and dependable.
5. Clamping Unit: Single cylinder sliding tramroad, fast and balanced; four mould boards, high precision linearity leaders, double hydraulic cylinders bidirectional open-closing mould.
6. Parison Programmer: Wall-thickness controller( MOOG Japan or domestic)from 10 to 100 points is available.
7. Blow Fitting Unit: Down blowing fitting is equipped; up blowing fitting and side blowing fitting are available.
8. Mould knife: With pneumatic cylinder mould knife, fast and nicety.
9. Safety Unit: With the safe light screen transducer to insure the operator’s safety through the feeling assembly.
10. Electrical Components.

Main Parameters:


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