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Watering system for Poultry house

Post Date : May 30
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Shandong China (Mainland)
10000 Meter/Meters per Week


1. High quality material
2. Complete system with automatic
3. Reasonable design for saveing water
4. Short delivery time

Nipple and Drinking cup

• Perfectly waters your birds while keeping your litter dry.
• Does not require a drip cup.
• 360° side action pin.
• Stainless steel, delrin body.
• Sealing components are 100% stainless steel.

Pressure Regulator

• Litter stays dry. Birds stay healthier.
• Water waste is eliminated.
• Lines can be extended up to 200' with our (WC3515) 8' extension kits, sold separately.
• Super Flow Kit includes regulator with auto-flush feature. Flow-Tek Kit regulator does not have the auto-flush feature.
• Drinker is designed to fit Chick-Inn buildings.
• Allows drinking by a large number of birds; nipples are included.
• No washing and rinsing saves time and money.

Pressure regulating valve.JPG

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Feeding system for poultry  house

Feeding system for poultry house

Feeding system for poultry house

1. High quanlity plastice and material
2. Reasonable design for saving fodder
3. Competitive price and short delivery time

Shandong SuperHerdsman Husbandry Machinery Co.,Ltd

wudi Economic Development Zone,Binzhou City, Shandong Province

Meat chicken disk type automatic feeding system consists of a driving device, a hopper, a conveying pipe, an auger, trays, a suspension lifting device, an anti-perching device and a feed sensor. The main function of the system is to convey the feed in the hopper into each tray to ensure the eating of the meat chickens and automatically control the conveying opening/closing of the motor by the material level sensor to achieve the aim of automatic feeding.
Performance Parameters of Feeding Line System
1. High-quality special driving reduction motor
Power: 0.75kw, voltage: 380V, frequency: 50HZ, three-phase AC current
2. V-shaped Bin (With Hopper)
Bin Volume: 115L, hopper volume: 38L,
Material: hot-dip galvanized sheet
3, Feeding System
Diameter of conveying pipe: φ45mm
Material: hot-dip galvanized steel pipe with the zinc coating amount of more than 275g/m2
Helical spring auger from South Africa feeding capacity: 450kg/h
4. Material level sensor from Israel: time delay range 0 to 2 hours

feeding system.JPG

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poultry nipple drinking system

poultry nipple drinking system

poultry nipple drinking system

1.Competitive nipple, warranty 10 years
2.It regulates pressure steadier,higher sensitive with adequate and uniform water suppl

1.Nipple drinking system

Nipple drinking system is composed of pressure regulator, nipple drinking lines, hanging system, anti-roost accessories

(1)Competitive nipple, warranty 10 years

Features of nipple
The nipple shell is made of high-quality engineering plastics, and the valve rod inside is made of high-quality stainless steel. All these features make it anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and more than ten year’s longevity.
Double-decked seal structure can effectively avoid wasting water and the resulting impact on the environment humidity.
Stem can rotate freely at 360 degree to meet bird water demands of different periods.

stainless upper stem


Double-decked seal

stainless lower stem

feeding capacity

Broiler 8-12 birds/nipple

birds in cage 12 birds/nipple

turkey 20 birds/nipple

duck 10 birds/nipple

Breeder 10 birds/nipple

(2) Fast-connector

Quick and easy installation, more reliable than the usual connecting method, without cracking and leakage

(3)Double-water inlet tube and flushing pressure regulator with larger water flow

It regulates pressure steadier,higher sensitive with adequate and uniform water supply. Thus this can flush the tube clean and save water and time.
Double water inlet structure takes the place of flushing valve, free from cleaning and maintenance.

(4)Hanging system

roper height is very important for healthy growth of bird.(improper height will result in deformation of birds skeleton and low water utilization.)
The height and level of drinking lines can be regulated freely by winch hanging pieces together with the adjusting rope.

poultry hosue 3



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