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MOOG Servo valve

  • 1 Set/Sets
  • Oil
  • Standard
  • Aluminum
  • Medium Pressure
  • servo valve, servo
Post Date : June 03
Product Details
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Item specifics

Medium Pressure
China (Mainland)
Normal Temperature
3000 Set/Sets per Year


1)Stable function and High frequency response
2)Different flow ,different working pressure base on clients' needs

The servo valves we can supply (MOOG equivalent ones )

MOOG 30  series     MOOG 31  series   MOOG 760 series   MOOG 761 series

MOOG 730 series    MOOG 72  series   MOOG 079 series   MOOG 630/1 series

MOOG 633 series    MOOG 634 series   MOOG 661/662/663/664 series 


The main tec range of our valves.

1 Work pressure(MPa)              Up to 32 Mpa

2 Rated flow                             0.6 L/min- 1000L/min

3 Rated Current(mA)                10mA , 15 mA and 40 mA

4 Hysteresis(%)                       ≤3%5 

5 Nonlinearity (%)                    ≤7.5%

6 Symmetry(%)                         ≤10%

7 Flow tolerence(L/min)            In ±10%

8 Pressure gain(%)                  ≥30%

9 Null bias(%)                           ≤±2.5%

10 Threshold(%)                        ≤1%

11 Overlap(%)                           -2.5%~+2.5%

We can make servo valves according clients' requests .


Pls contact us if you need servo valves, servo amplifiers , controllers, servo actuators ,etc .

We will assist you effectively with our technologys.

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Servo valve

Servo valve

Servo valve

1) Stable function and High frequency response .
2) Different flow ,different working pressure base on clients' needs.
3) etc

Electro-hydraulic servo valve 




1)   Stable function and High frequency response 

2)   Different flow ,different working pressure base on clients' needs

3)   Excellent service with Low possible price 

4)   More agents and repairing speed.

5)   The servo valves we can supply (MOOG equivalent ones )

      MOOG 30  series    MOOG 31  series   MOOG 760 series   MOOG 761 series

      MOOG 730 series    MOOG 72  series   MOOG 079 series   MOOG 630/1 series

      MOOG 633 series    MOOG 634 series   MOOG 661/662/663/664 series 

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steel wool loom machine

steel wool loom machine

steel wool loom machine

HT-57D Steel wool loom machine
1) High production capacity
2) Stable structure
3) Low consumation an

Brief Specification of HT-57D Steel wool loom machine


Technical Parameters:


Specification & Model



380V (can change)

Installation Capacity

15 KW

Production Capacity

1000 Kg/ 8hours

Main Machine Weight

5 T

External Dimension



Brief Description:

        HT-57D steel wool loom machine is designed specially for producing steel wool polishing cloth with 0#1#00# steel wool/fiber and chemical fiber;

        HT-57D often produces steel wool polishing cloth with 1000 mm (width)* 5mm (thickness), and then can form different shapes according to concrete requests;

        HT-57D has a great production capacity and stable structure which includes seven auxiliary devices: Wool opener,Wool feeding equipment , Wool carding machine, Lapping machine, Needle machine,Wool Lapper device, Shearing machine. (Refer to the following drawing)

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