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Mining Drill Rig KY8S

Post Date : June 07
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Mining Drill Rig
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China (Mainland),Henan


KY8S Type open hole drill is based on developing and producing DTH drills for many years, according to the demand of large open-pit mine, and is an elaborate design new drilling equipment.

The Drill walking forward, turning and angle adjustment and other movements adopts hydraulic driven.

The impact of high wind pressure pneumatic shock, and equipped with hydraulic dry dust collector to collect dust collection, h the hydraulic discharge-bar removal drill pipe, floating joint protection threaded rod, loading and unloading rod devices reduce labor intensity, air conditioning cab to provide a comfortable working environment, electro-hydraulic control valve to reduce the card stuck drill chance.

Drill car has a high degree of automation, energy efficient, comfortable environmental protection, easy to operate, safe driving etc. characteristics.

Dust collection device adopts advanced laminar flow mode, through thick whirlwind filter and fine filtration making discharged the drilling slag and dust collected, both to protect the environment and to speed up the rate of slag, so that the perfect combination of environmental and efficiency.

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1.Safe and stable traveling system.
Low gravity, great ground clearance, make cars easily make drill through rugged road.The advanced automatic balance system, not only makes drilling stable, also greatly reduced the impact of the car, and ensure the safe driving.
High-power motor drive and strong climbing ability, with great traction.
Brakes and walking operation method adopt linkage way, make parking to brakes, thus safeguarded car in slope rock drill and driving on stability and security.
Often set the state of the brake control valve to walk around the track, control crawler action, respectively about realize forward, backward, and steering, convenient and flexible.
Unique anti-off chain device greatly improved the reliability of Drill.

2.Centralized operating system.
Drill carriage designed with advanced hydraulic system and completely functional gas circuit system. Centralized control ,operate easily.Hydraulic maneuvering valve can be achieved lift ,swing and drilling rig 's pitching, swing, forward and back, also can make track equal. Ensure the stability of drilling rock hole in full dimension .Operating pneumatic manoeuvring valve can realize the pump opening and drill the advancement of car (ascension), and turn to dust collector, impact and set the dust collection, the blow function, ensure efficient car rock drill.

3.Powerful feeding and rotating system.
Promote reducer drives adopt turbine and worm, which have a big push-pull effort and can reliaze self-locking. By adjust the press of the reducing valve, the push-pull effort and lifting speed can adjust at will according to needs
Slewing reducer drives adopt planet wheel, rotate speed is slow and torque is large. By adjust the press of the slewing reducer, the rotate speed and torque can adjust at will according to needs, to guarantee the best efficiency of down-hole and hammer drilling.

4.Adjustable boom.
Adopt adjustable boom, the dip angle of hole and Level hole height can adjust by control the oil tank stretch out and draw back.

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