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vacuum pressure impregnating equipment

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vacuum impregnating equipment for insulation treatment to HV motors, wind turbines, dry type transformers,power capacitors,etc.

vacuum impregnation equipment is mainly used for insulation treatment to electrical products, such as high voltage motor, wind turbines, H-grade dry transformer, power capacitor and cable insulation materials, etc.

For example, coil windings for motor or transformer can be evaporated at vacuum phase to reduce influence of insulation from moisture, air and other impurities. In the pressure impregnation phase, resin can be immersed into insulation structure inner side thoroughly under pressure and thus the whole insulation become stronger, and so insulation grade is increased and electric performance of product will be improved.

It also applies in material industry for modifying material and improving structure to achieve raising material performance. For example, through vacuum pressure impregnation, increase compactness of graphite so to raise strength and resistance characteristic of graphite products; Through vacuum pressure impregnation on automotive engine castings and high pressure valves, thoroughly solve micro-leakage; On fire bricks and woods by different material (such as bitumen, aseptic, etc.), material properties can be changed for different purpose.

Equipment Classification

l Vacuum pressure impregnation equipment for wind turbines, driven motors, HV motors

l Vacuum pressure impregnation equipment for dry type transformers

l Vacuum pressure impregnation equipment for dry type bushings, capacitors

l Other vacuum pressure impregnation equipment

Technology Advantages

- Easily evaporate moisture and air

- Residual water rate less than 10ppm, good insulation performance

- Good humidity resistance

- High dielectric property

- Impregnation can be reused to reduce environmental pollution

- Short impregnation time, good result

Equipment Features

- Syncretizing different technologies of pressure vessel, vacuum, pressurization, refrigeration, heating and automation together

- PLC or industrial computer control, automatically measuring and controlling.

- Equipped with safety alarm and interlock protection devices

Working Principle

First, put workpieces into the vacuum pressure tank, evacuate the moisture and air from workpieces under vacuum condition. Then fill impregnation liquid into vacuum tank by pressure difference or pump. In order to impregnate fully, add certain pressure to let impregnation liquid impregnate into gaps of workpiece.

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vacuum epoxy resin casting equipment

vacuum epoxy resin casting equipment

vacuum epoxy resin casting equipment

vacuum epoxy resin casting equipment, for dry transformers, bushings,HV switch insulators, arc-distinguish coil, etc., automatic


This equipment is special for epoxy resin casting dry type transformers, bushings, current transformers, potential transformers, HV switch insulators, arc-distinguish coils and other electric apparatus.

It is applicable for with-stuffing casting and without-stuffing casting.

It is suitable for degassing, mixing and casting high polymer materials under vacuum condition, such as bisphenol-A, outdoor-type epoxy resin, polyurethane, etc.

It is applicable for processing both mixed material with stuffing added by user and double-component pre-mixed stuffing, very flexible.

The equipment system can be added or reduced according to user’s requirements. It can be modularly rigged. It is characterized by convenient installation, easy operation, and high automation.

Main features

-Perfect vacuum system: the whole process is carried out under vacuum condition.

- Reliable metering system: there are two kind of metering methods based on different process requirement:

l Feeding pump + electronic scale (for casting with stuffing)

l Metering pump + static mixer (for casting various kind products)

- Advanced and safe heating technology:

l Mixing tank is heated by , good temperature uniformity, high precision temperature control

l Casting tank is heated directly by electric heating plate

-Advanced & reliable metering and control system: controlled by computer, key process and those easy to be mis-operated are controlled interlocked; Process revising, process curve recording, process parameter adjusting, can be achieved by computer very conveniently. The whole metering control and vacuum control are all full pre-set automatic.

Equipment Classification

-- Basic type vacuum (pressure) casting equipment

-- Dynamic mixing type vacuum (pressure) casting equipment

-- Static mixing type vacuum (pressure) casting equipment

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kerosene vapor-phase vacuum drying equipment

kerosene vapor-phase vacuum drying equipment

kerosene vapor-phase vacuum drying equipment

Kerosene vapor-phase drying equipment,for drying transformer bodies in super-high voltage than 110kV, vacuum drying furnace

Kerosene vapor-phase drying equipment (KVPD) is mainly suitable for drying transformer bodies in super-high voltage than 110kV and big capacity.

Technical features of VPD

- It is equipped with build-in cascade evaporator, which can carry out distillation between two heating phases.

- There is an individual heat recovery device outside of tank, saving energy

- Water extraction quantity in each phase and total extraction amount can be recorded on time and displayed on computer screen. Water extraction curve of each intermediate pressure reduction phase and total water extraction amount curve can be drawn instantaneously. And water extraction rate of each intermediate pressure reduction phase can be calculated automatically.

- The flow of kerosene in the mixture of kerosene & water can be measured instantaneously and so the opening rate of the main control valve can be controlled accurately, but not only rely on tank pressure control.

- The end point can be measured automatically by computer. The process will be cut off automatically when the temperature of workpieces reaches 120°C±5°C, and tank pressure is less than 0.2mbar and water extraction rate is less than the set value.

- The whole process can be fully controlled automatically, and even can be operated unattended. The computer can monitor the process of product and display process parameters and curve of each phase. Various process curve and reports can be printed timely and backup automatically.

- Visible & audible alarm can be done automatically. And usual troubleshooting methods can be provided. Malfunction point and time can be recorded timely.

- Various parameters and the implementation state of program can be saved when power failure suddenly.

- Process parameters can be displayed and revised.


-Tank size: 7000 x 4500 x 4500mm~16000 x 6000 x 7000mm (as required)

- Heating power: 250kW~600kW (based on tank size)

- Max. working temperature: 135 ± 5°C

- Temperature controlling precision: ± 5°C

- Ultimate vacuity: ≤ 10MPa (non-load)

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