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New Item SmartPRO X8-PLUS plus Intelligent speed compatible programmer

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Post Date : June 17
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Guangdong China (Mainland)
50 Piece/Pieces per Day


New Item EasyPRO 80B plus Intelligent speed compatible programmer teaching to using
2.competive price

New Item EasyPRO 80Bplus speed compatible programmer teaching to using
2.competive price shipping

Interface is beautiful, simple, easy, smooth, high efficiency;
Using surface mount technology production, high reliability, long life;
Programmer small size, suitable to carry out;
SST, HOLTEK, SYNCMOS other manufacturers support and certification;
All algorithms are programmed through the batch test, to eliminate the phenomenon of burning chips;
Support the users of the chip serial number of the secondary program development;
When a user inserts a bad piece system with automatic protection and detection;
PHILIPS use a USB1.1 interface, data communication rates up to second 6Mbps, programming speed,
Use, connections are very convenient;
The domestic market can truly accurate programming P89C66xHxx, P89C51Rx2Hxx series chip parallel programmer;
Service outlets across the country, ZLG development strength, the perfect after-sales service allows you to feel comfortable buying.

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T8 LED Tube

T8 LED Tube

T8 LED Tube

T8 LED Tube
Power:15W LED quantity: 276pcs
Tube material: Aluminium base inside

T8 LED Tube

Techniqual Parameters:
1. Power:15W LED quantity: 276pcs
2. Tube material: PC Aluminium base inside
3. Input Voltage: AC85-265V
4. Output Voltage: 36V-37.6V
5. Luminous flux: 1380-1485LM
6. Work frequency: 50-60HZ
7. Environment temperature: -20-50°C
8. Centigrade Environment Humidity: higher than 95%
9. Colour rendering index: 84Ra
10. Power Equation: more than 0.95
11. Color Temperature:3500-7000k
12. Short Current: less than 5mA
13. Size: 1200mm*26mm

Features and Advantage:

1. Aluminum base is excellent for heat-sink transfer and more rigid.

2. Patented power supply with wide voltage to suit worldwide market with single version tube.

3. Input voltage is 85-265VAC.

4. Brightness is even more than conventional lamps when use is normal illumination area.
5. Characterized by durable,energy saving,environmental protection and soft ray.
6. No RF interference. Solid-state, high-shock and vibration resistant.

7. Major reduction in power costs, Maintenance free, easy installation.

8. Low power consumption, high intensity.

112.jpgT8 led tube.jpg

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New Item SmartPROX5  plus  Intelligent speed compatible  programmer

New Item SmartPROX5 plus Intelligent speed compatible programmer

New Item SmartPROX5 plus Intelligent speed compatible programmer

New Item SmartPROX5 plus Intelligent speed compatible programmer teaching to using
2.competive price

New Item SmartPROX5 plus speed compatible programmer teaching to using
2.competive price shipping

1 Reliable burn. Using a unique pin and pin protection circuit auto-detection technology, and more excellent electrical performance with the timing circuit, mature and reliable over-current protection circuit and programmable over-current threshold control circuit. Programming the device maximum operating voltage up to 9V, to ensure a greater level of voltage range to meet a variety of low-quality chips and chip programming, effective protection in a variety of environments and the programming chip programmer.

(2) speed programming. Timing generation circuit using seventh generation authentication algorithm with IC manufacturers, high-speed CPU + FPGA architecture, to enable accurate to the ns-level programming time to reach peak speeds. Programming + check a 32Mb FLASH memory (INTEL 28F320W18) for 13 seconds, major vendors.

3 production control. User during the programming, not only can see the number has been programmed chip display, also can be programmed to project the number of pre-set programmed chip. In actual operation, when the pre-programmed number to the number of users, this project will not be able to continue programming the chip. It can achieve the production control.

4 using USB2.0 (High Speed) communication, communication bandwidth of up to 480Mbps, to solve the bottleneck of data transfer, leading peers.

5 logic testing. Can test the standard TTL / CMOS logic circuits, and user-defined test vectors of non-standard logic.

6 automatic identification EPROM type. Melt detection and programming functions into one. Operation easier.

7 Timing upgrade. According to customer needs, provide programming support for new chip types.

8.48 feet versatile all-wheel drive, universal adapters support a variety of different programming packages chips. 256 programmable IO level, support 1.8V low-voltage devices.

9 with an independent ICP download cable interface chip on the circuit board in line programming, more convenient site commissioning engineers.

10 times the world's major semiconductor manufacturers to track the latest trends in the chip, and get PHILIPS, ATMEL, WINBOND, and many other semiconductor manufacturers upstream recognition and praise.

11 major semiconductor companies to support the ARM chip programming, and a complete programming adapter socket matching products for customers to use a variety of programming packages can easily solve the ARM chip

12.PC side programming software supports multiple languages, switch back and forth, and equipped with a complete online help to get started easier.

13.PC side programming software, adding more software features support for operating one key, and allows customers to customize the operational processes to meet customer needs. Support customers Flash, MCU, EEPROM and other chip block range specified program, erase and other operations. Increase the variety of chip configuration word tips to help make complex configuration at a glance, to avoid programming errors.

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