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Red Fruit Oil

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Post Date : July 02
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Red Fruit Oil ( Pandanus Conoideus Lam ) previously is a wild plant which is growing in almost all Papua area. But the majority population can be found at the Jayawijaya Mountain (Wamena dan Tolikara), Jayapura, Monokwari, Nabire, Timika, and Ayamaru Sorong.

From generation to generation Papua people has recognized this plant as food substance and natural colouring. Besides that they also use this pandans as medicine if they are sick. It is obvious that the strong physic of Papua people because the consume Red Fruit oil.

In Papua area there are about 30 cultivar red fruit, but only about 4 cultivar has economical value. The length of the fruit is about 100cm, with diameter 18cm and the weight is about 7.5 kg. The most dominant characteristic is the read colour of the fruit which indicate that the betacorotene content is very high. It grows on surface 2,000 meter above sea level and temperature below 200 C.


During the production process, we should pay attention to the temperature because over heating will increase the peroxide content. Mr Hendro take a good care of this issue because the right process will produce a high quality Red Fruit Oil. Raw material standard is by using red fruit from high level area above 2,000meters above sea level, not from low level area. The fruit should be 4-6 months old before cultivation because if it is ripe the active compound will be very high and complete.

The processing methods has passed the test by the Apoteker or by Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI) and the process was done through several hygiene system and stable temperature to maintain the ingredients. During the past process which is filtering, we did 3 times filtering to ensure that only the oil being taken and no more residual inside the oil.

The oil then being filled in the bottle and packed in a box to protect it from direct sun which can damage the betacarotenoid content in the red fruit oil.

Before we market the product, our Red Fruit oil product has passed the final test by Badan POM and received the license with registration number POM TR 073 671 731.


1. Preventing degenerative deseases such as cancer, tumor, stroke and heart illness.
2. Improving body immune
3. Improving stamina and vitality
4. Improving digestion system
5. Very good for eyes health because of high content of pro-vitamin A
6. Neutralizing free radical contaminants
7. Reducing LDL Cholesterol and increasing HDL (cleanse your body from dangerous toxins such as Smoke, Vehicles smoke, food & beverages that contain chemicals, air pollution, and unhealthy environment)
8. Resisting cancer cell growth
9. Improving human body metobolism
10. Improving body endurance speeding up the healing process


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Myrmecodia Pendans (Ants Nests)

Myrmecodia Pendans (Ants Nests)

Myrmecodia Pendans (Ants Nests)

Myrmecodia Pendans / Ants Nests / Sarang Semut

Myrmecodia Pendans is the latin name for SARANG SEMUT. There are 71 species of Myrmecodia but only Myrmecodia Pendans has peculiar content with average diameter is 25cm and height 45cm. Sarang Semut grow on mother tree with height 8 meters and live in Jaya Wijaya mountain area with altitude 1,100 – 2,500 meters above sea level. Sarang Semut is well know by people around South East Asia. The ants that resides in the nest has special form, red head and black body. This uniqueness has attracked Mr. Hendro Saputro attention, and he named it SARANG SEMUT (Ant Nest) which become popular in Indonesia.

Traditionally it is used to cure:
1) Many kinds of cancer and tumor, such as brain cancer, nasal, breast, liver, lung, womb, skin, leukemia, prostate.
2) Heart problem
3) Stroke (light or heavy stroke)
4) Eliminate lump in the breast
5) Tuberculose
6) Kidney problem
7) Nose allergic, sneezing in the morning and nosebleed
8) Ulcer illness and mawkishness
9) Haemorrhoid
10) Migrain
11) Rheumatic
12) Increase nursing mother milk production
13) Improve blood circulation, release stiffness and muscle pain.
14) Improve and increase the stamina
15) Increase the vitality


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