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Turbo Snake

  • 1000 Set/Sets
  • ningbo
  • 11188
  • Zhejiang China (Mainland)
  • 1000 Set/Sets per Day
  • Tag: Turbo Snake,TURBO SNAKE Drain Cleaner Hair Remove,Turbo Snake Fixed Drain Clog Hair Cleaner
Post Date : July 07
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Zhejiang China (Mainland)
1000 Set/Sets per Day
T/T,Western Union


TURBO SNAKE Drain Cleaner Hair Remove As seen TV

Product Feature
  • Turbo Snake is the fastest and easiest way to unclog any drain in bathroom!
  • Just Slide the turbo snake down the drain and round it will get the clog and remove it .
  • It is that much easy.No need to move stopper.
  • Turbo Snake has a specially designed head to unclog the drain.
  • Turbo Snake is very cheaper and easy to use it .No need to use chemicals, toxics to clean the drain and clog.
  • turbo Snake specially designed head grabs & locks onto hair clogs to remove and free the drain instantly!
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EZ Jet Water Cannon

EZ Jet Water Cannon

EZ Jet Water Cannon

EZ Jet Water Cannon As Seen TV


EZ Jet Water Cannon

It is a high pressure water cleaning system. "The Water Cannon" has 8 high pressure water jets with built in nozzles which blasts dirt off sidewalks, patios, steps while gently watering garden plants. Comes with soap dispenser; does double duty for dispensing fertilizer too! Perfect for cleaning gutters, cleaning windows, and cleaning house exteriors. Also great for washing cars, washing boats, cleaning sidewalks, cleaning steps, and cleaning sliding doors. Heavy duty commercial quality and will last for years and years.




The Water Cannon has 8 Built in Nozzles

Comes with Soap Dispenser

Perfect for All Outside Cleaning Chores

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electric panel heater

electric panel heater

electric panel heater

Wall mounted Electric panel heater
1000W to 2400W, with timer
Hight effcient design
Larger volumes of air
Low cost heating

Wall mounted Electric panel heater
1000W to 2400W, with timer
Hight effcient design
Larger volumes of air
Low cost heating

Totally safe. Totally silent, no fan. Allergy free and asthma friendly. Economical

unique highly efficient European design utilises the expansion and upward movement of hot air to gently circulate around the room, whilst the patented element with increased surface area heats larger volumes of air more efficiently to provide a low cost heating alternative.

The PANEL HEATER is designed with pinpoint precision to heat specifi c areas, providing an extremely cost-effectiveoption. With a completely silent operation, a sophisticated electronic thermostat and thermal safety cut-out, it’s spot on for reliability, economy and comfort.

The PANEL HEATER comes with a zinc, polyester coated body with the added safety of round edges and a specially designed finned grill for the effi cient and even distribution of heat. Like all

heaters the PANEL HEATER range embodies the elegance and sophistication of European design, along with state of the art technology and energy effi ciency. The PANEL HEATER heater, spot the difference

Our sophisticated heating range is economical, reliable and exceptionally comfortable. sits at the very forefront of heater innovation and technology. The revolutionary Monobloc heating element is totally silent and the non-expanding front panel means no rattles or creaks whilst you’re keeping

warm. Every heater is also fitted with a precision thermostat that even after years of functioning maintains the desired temperature within 0.1 degree Celsius which ultimately

leads to reducing your heating costs. It is this commitment to developing the latest in technology

and quality that allows to bring to you our Lifetime Warranty. Comfort and peace of mind now mean is for life. Installing heaters is easy and the fittings are unobtrusive, a one piece bracket hidden behind the heater simply clicks in making removal and cleaning easy. There is

also the option of placing your heater on castors, so you can move your panel heater to wherever you need it the most. Our extensive range also comes in many sizes for all

applications both domestically and commercially. We invite you to consider the range, confident that our quality and performance far surpasses that of our competitors. a warmth you can trust.

The exciting Evolution heater range from is truly revolutionary. Combining European style and state of the art technology, it ensures you’ll find the right heater for the right application every single time. The Evolution range is 100% quiet due to the patented, Monobloc element, thereby eliminating creaks and rattles. It offers five comfort settings plus two pre-programmable day and night settings. Lockable, childproof settings are integrated into the electronic thermostat, giving you peace of mind as well as peace and quiet. Heat that moves you. Our optional Easy Glide Castors, means you can take the warmth with you wherever you go. Simply slide your heater from room to room, plug it in and it’s ready to warm. How easy is that

Electric Panel Heater Running and sizing guidelines.

The following information provides guidelines on sizing the correct heater for each individual requirement in order to achieve the

most efficient and economical running costs. Sizing guidelines are as follows:

Running costs are based on electrical authorities tariff charges per kilowatt per hour. To establish this you need to refer to your

current electrical bill where, on the back of, there is a charge in cents per Kw/hr. That is how much is charged for every 1000 watts

of electricity used per hour to run. Based on this, if the tariff is 13* cents per Kw/hr then a 1000 watt heater will cost 13 cents per

hour to run. Provided the heater is sized correctly, for the room in which it is required, the electronic thermostat will read

the room temperature every 30 seconds, once the desired temperature is reached. This means a saving of 50% on running costs.

Effectively a 1000 watts heater will cost approximately 6.5 cents per hour to run, thereby cutting running costs in half.

*Running costs and sizing guidelines are approximates only and will be dependant on various factors including insulation rating, ceiling height, window and floor furnishings and draughts.

** Electrical authority tariffs may vary, refer to yours if unsure.

100 watts per sq metre, eg: length 5 metres x width 4 metres = 20 square metres.

20 square metres, x 100 watts = 2000 watts* Ideally suited for larger living lounge areas.

eg: length 5 metres x width 3 metres = 15 square metres.

15 square metres, x 100 watts = 1500 watts* Ideally suited for smaller lounge, dining, larger bedrooms.

eg: length 3.15 metres x width 3.15 metres = 9.9 square metres.

9.9 square mtrs, x 100 watts = 1000 watts* Ideally suited for smaller bedroom, study, bathroom / ensuite.

This example shows that Panel Heaters can cost from approx. 3 cents per hour,

for a 500 watt, to as little as 13 cents for the larger 2000 watt.

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