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slimming coffee, natural slimming coffee,fat slimming coffee green coffee ,20 bags / box 5 lbs rduce / week at least

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Post Date : July 14
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Slimming, Sugar-Free
T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Spices & Herbs
Immune & Anti-Fatigue
Instant Coffee
Guangdong China (Mainland)
150000 Pack/Packs per Week day


slimming coffee
natural slimming coffee
fat slimming coffee green coffee ,
20 bags / box 5 lbs rduce / week at least!!

slimming coffee Product Name: three-in-one powerful


a pack a day, slim attractive!,

The United States "Leptin" three-in-one thin delicious flavor of coffee, the caffeine in coffee, with the promotion of the role of lipolysis, the release of the fat in the blood 30-40 minutes after drinking coffee, fatty acid concentration in the blood become high, regular exercise at this time can be fatty acids into energy, and effective means burning fat. Three-in-one body from the United States coffee Xiaozhi Energizer formula, the decomposition efficiency of fat, using less toxic side effects on the human body, burning excess body fat to trim at top speed. Just a day before taking a packet of breakfast, you can easily resume the slender body.

The main ingredients:

Instant coffee, HCA, immature bitter orange, ginger essence of Su-lotus leaf, wild rose essence, deep

Sea chitin, Rose Essence, Vitamin B3, B6, VC.

The main principle of weight loss:

Extract Garcinia Cambogia HCA, HCA is the full name: hydroxycitric acid, the Chinese name of hydroxy citric acid. Known as Garcinia Cambogia is a natural extract, and raw materials of western medicine.

Mechanism of chemical composition and weight loss:

It by inhibiting fat synthesis, promotion of fatty acid combustion and reduce. Food intake, three-in-one, to thin the role of weight loss. Is a rare, at present the best weight loss, weight loss health care the most raw materials. In Europe and the United States is a thin diet of raw materials of choice for health care products.

Effectiveness of goods:

7-10 kg in weight control / month, pure taste.

Applicable to the crowd:

Simple obesity, adolescence obesity, post-natal obesity


1, taking a morning daily, each time a package, in 15 minutes before eating, will be a pack of coffee Add a glass container or plastic container, and then poured into 100ml of hot water, stirring to evenly drinking.

2, taking a week can cut the general five pounds weight, want to please speed up the effect of proper diet or increase physical activity, better; not incremental to two packets a day.


1, This product is not the treatment or prevention of drugs, the effect of the progress and reaction varies from person to person; all those who should not be long-term weight loss, attention should be given a balanced diet and exercise.

2, weight loss during the rapid weight loss is found to be half the volume of use; the following persons in the thin, they should first consult the opinions of doctors: the elderly, children and patients with chronic diseases such as heart disease pregnant and lactating women; suffering from a cold cold, fever, etc. should be taken after recovery.

3, This product is not a substitute for the role of drug treatment.

Specifications: 18 packets per box, 5 grams per pack, a pack a day, 18-day volume!


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natural weight loss tea

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Body shap tea , herbal weight loss tea, natural weight loss tea,3.5g * 15 bag

weight loss tea


natural slim , weight loss tea Body shap tea , herbal weight loss tea, natural weight loss tea

Body type fiber diet is green tea-based natural foods. "Tea benefit of people thinking less lying, light, tea drinking is a long time lost to human fat." A large number of studies have proved at home and abroad: the use of modern bio-technology, high-quality green tea extract from the effective bio-active ingredient and the main components of green tea, herbal tea polyphenols, is a highly effective natural anti-oxidants, can be described as "the essence of tea.

Catechins from tea polyphenols, glycosides, etc. more than 30 kinds of substances, of which 80% catechins about a number of catechins phenolic hydroxyl free radical scavenging can effectively promote the metabolism of fatty acids to reduce the fat accumulation, inhibition of fat absorption, and the promotion of lipid compounds emitted from the feces; At the same time, the body can effectively inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates into sugar and fat to prevent. Thus, in Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries, has been widely used in clinical treatment and health food, nutritional food.

The main ingredients:

Ginkgo biloba, green tea, Chinese wolfberry, puerarin, hemp seed, fresh root, cassia seed and so on.

Product specifications:

3.5g * 15 bag

Use Method:

1 day, 1 bag


1. To take after the reduction in appetite is a normal phenomenon. More fresh fruits, vegetables and other light food.

2. Pregnant women, the physical heart disease, liver and kidney failure, hyperthyroidism and other major disabling disease;

3. Take the goods, the alcohol is strictly prohibited.

4. In the use of other drugs during treatment, please do not take.

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slimming patch  slimming products

slimming patch slimming products

slimming patch slimming products

slimming patch
slimming products, slimming ,weight loss products,
herbal weight loss patch 2 * 3 bags / box
sexy body

Chinese herbal weight loss Navel paster slimming patch , slimming products


accurate and effective, but also the treatment of dysmenorrhea,

The main raw material:

rhubarb, Tinglizi, Aurantii, Magnolia, Atractylodes macrocephala, Acorus gramineus, etc. Seeds of Brassica alba.

Suitable for people:

with Jianpi Yiqi, Qingre purge, the effect of phlegm dampness. Constipation and simple obesity, and the role of rehabilitation care.


2 * 3 bags / box

Components: the use of nano-materials of the products, pepper essence, and anti-matrix layer made of.


one inch under the belly button affixed to the location of the isolation membrane will Tiegao take away , affixed to the daily replacement of the first.


1. Pregnant disabled.

2. Shall not be affixed to the skin with ulceration Department.

3. Does not apply if after the Application, Application should stop.

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