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UV Waterless Offset Ink for DVD,CD

  • 200 Kilogram/Kilograms
  • Guangdong China (Mainland)
  • DVD,CD UV ...
  • Shenzhen
  • ER100
  • Tag:UV Waterless Offset Ink,DVD ink,disc ink
Post Date : August 14
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Guangdong China (Mainland)
Offset Printing
L/C,T/T,Western Union
5 Ton/Tons per Day
UV Ink


ER100 ( Magenta ), EY101 ( Yellow ), EB102 ( Cyan ), EK103 ( Black) are a set of CYMK waterless offset ink.

ER100 ( Magenta ), EY101 ( Yellow ), EB102 ( Cyan ), EK103 ( Black) are a set of CYMK waterless offset ink. With clear netbwork , registering accurate color, bright color, high colouring power and fast drying characterics. Especially for disc offset printing.

Main Compoents:

Main consist of pigment, acrylic resin and monomers, photoiniator and additives.

Operating Conditions:

Drying Conditions: 120W/cm

Printing Temperature: 23-25°C.

Printing Humidity: 55-60%.

Enviromental Test:

Not including selenium, chromium, barium, arsenic, antimony, lead, mercury, cadmium and halogen eight heavy metals and other harmful substances. We can provide SGS report of heavy metals test and ROSH report of six hazardous substances test.

Storage Conditions:

Store in a cool ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight. Storage temperature is not higher than 30°C.

Shelf Life:

One year.



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UV Wrinkle Varnish

UV Wrinkle Varnish

UV Wrinkle Varnish

Our UV wrinkle varnish:Transparent and vivid texture. Excellent chemical resistance.

UV Wrikle varnish

Technology Data:

1) Surface: Yellow transparent liquid.

2) Curing speed:(120 W/cm ×2-3 Hg Lamp ),Generally speak printing speed is 15-55m/min .

3) Screen plate : 200-300 mesh count.

4) Diluent: UX series professional diluent.


1 ) UV lamp power of curing machine is 120 W/cm ×2-3 lamps (wavelength 250-400mm) .Lamp power of wrinkle machine is 30W-40W×2-4 lamps .Generally speak curing speed is 15-55m/min .

2 ) Please pay attention to use 200-300 mesh count screen plate to print in order to attain different wrinkle effect . More width of mesh-opening ,the wrinkle bigger .Vice verse , the wrinkle smaller .

3 ) Deep mixed to print before using . Please seal to store after finished .

4 ) Please clean the mesh plate with cleaning agent when sealed . After evaporate fully and then to start printing.

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UV Offset Inks

UV Offset Inks

UV Offset Inks

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Glossiness, brightly colored & luster, high saturation. For PET/PVC

1) Printing speed: 11000

2) Tack: (CPS/25°C) 15000-100000. Fineness: ≤5um.

3) Curing speed: (120w/cm×1-5 Hg lamps) 15-100m/min.

4) Printing way: Offset printing press or lithographic machine.

5) Reducer: Professional UV reducer/varnish.

6) Viscosity reducer: Professional UV viscosity reducer.

7) Varnishing: Professional hotstamp /non-hotstamp UV offset varnish, transfer-paper/non-transfer-paper UV offset varnish and matte varnish.

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