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Xtsky UC Bearing UCPF 205

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Precision Equipment
Ball Bearings
From Oct 26,2011 To Oct 26,2012
OEM or Client′s Design or Spedific Brand
L/C,T/T,Western Union
According to Customer′s Requirement
North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe
China Mainland


2) Housings: P, F, FL, M, T, etc.

Bearing no.

1) UC201-218 series
2) RB201-218 series
3) SB201-212 series
4) SA201-211 series
5) UE201-211 series
6) HC204-212 series
7) UK205-217 series
8) UCP201-218 series
9) UCF201-218 series
10) UCFL201-218 series
11) UCPA201-213 series
12) UCFC201-218 series
13) SBPP201-207 series
14) SAPP201-207 series
15) SBPF201-207 series
16) SAPF201-207 series
17) SBPFL201-207 series
18) SAPFL201-207 series
19) SBPFT201-207 series
20) SAPFT201-207 series
21) SER201-212 series
22) AEL series
23) CSA series


SAPP201 SBPP201-8 UEPF205 SBPF201-8
SAPP202 SBPP202-10 UEPF206 SBPF202-10
SAPP203 SBPP202-9 UEPF207 SBPF202-9
SAPP204 SBPP203-11 UEPF208 SBPF203-11
SAPP205 SBPP204-12 UELPF205SBPF204-12
SAPP206 SBPP205-14 UELPF206SBPF205-14
SAPP207 SBPP205-15 UELPF207SBPF205-15
SBPP201 SBPP205-16 UELPF208SBPF205-16
SBPP202 SBPP206-18 UELPF209SBPF206-18
SBPP203 SBPP206-19 SAPF201 SBPF206-19
SBPP204 SBPP206-20 SAPF202 SBPF206-20
SBPP205 SBPP207-20 SAPF203 SBPF207-20
SBPP206 SBPP207-21 SAPF204 SBPF207-21
SBPP207 SBPP207-22 SAPF205 SBPF207-22
SAPP201-8SBPP207-23 SAPF206 SBPF207-23
SAPP202-10UCPF203 SAPF207 UCPFT205
SAPP203-11UCPF205 SAPF209 UCPFT207
SAPP204-12UCPF206 SAPF210 UKPFT206+H2306
SAPP205-14UCPF207 SAPF211 UEPFT206
SAPP205-16UCPF209 SBPF201 SBPFT201
SAPP206-18UCPF210 SBPF202 SBPFT202
SAPP206-19UCPF211 SBPF203 SBPFT203
SAPP206-20UKPF205+H2305 SBPF204 SBPFT204
SAPP207-20UKPF206+H2306 SBPF205 SBPFT205
SAPP207-21UKPF207+H2307 SBPF206 SBPFT206
SAPP207-22UKPF208+H2308 SBPF207 SBPFT207

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Xtsky P F T FC FL  Bearing Housing of Pillow Block Ball Bearings

Xtsky P F T FC FL Bearing Housing of Pillow Block Ball Bearings

Xtsky P F T FC FL Bearing Housing of Pillow Block Ball Bearings

Supplying range:

1. Pillow Block
1) UCP, UCPA, UCPH, UCPW, UCF, UCFA, UCFB, UCFC, UCFL, UCHA, UCHE, UCT 200, SALF, SBLF, SBFW, SBFD series, bore size 12mm to 90mm Metric and Imperial available;
2) UCP, UCF, UCFL, UCT 300 series, bore size 25mm to 140mm available;
3) UCPX, UCFX, UCFLX, UCFCX, UCTX, bore size 25mm to 85mm Metric and imperial size available.

2. Insert Ball Bearing (Material for chrome steel and stainless steel available)
1) UC, UB, UD, UK, UEL, SA, SB, SER, UCX 200 and 300 series, Metric and imperial bore size: 10mm to 200mm available
2) UC, UB, UD, UK, UEL, SA, SB, SER, UCX 200 and 300 series, Metric and imperial bore size: 12mm to 90mm available

Whole set of pillow block ball bearing available:
Standard pillow block ball bearing:
1) UCP201, UCP202, UCP203, UCP204, UCP205, UCP206, UCP207,
UCP208, UCP209, UCP210, UCP211, UCP212, UCP213, UCP214
UCP215, UCP216, UCP217, UCP218, UCP305, UCP306, UCP307,
UCP308, UCP309, UCP310, UCP311, UCP312, UCP313, UCP314,
UCP315, UCP316, UCP317, UCP318, UCP319

2) UCF201, UCF202, UCF203, UCF204, UCF205, UCF206, UCF207,
UCF208, UCF209, UCF210, UCF211, UCF212, UCF213, UCF214,
UCF215, UCF216, UCF217, UCF218, UCF305, UCF306, UCF307,
UCF308, UCF309, UCF310, UCF311, UCF312, UCF313, UCF314,
UCF315, UCF316, UCF317, UCF318, UCF319

(3)UCFL201, UCFL202, UCFL203, UCFL204, UCFL205, UCFL206,
UCFL207, UCFL208, UCFL209, UCFL210, UCFL211, UCFL212,
UCFL213, UCFL214, UCFL215, UCFL216, UCFL217, UCFL218,
UCFL305, UCFL306, UCFL307, UCFL308, UCFL309, UCFL310,
UCFL311, UCFL312, UCFL313, UCFL314, UCFL315, UCFL316,
UCFL317, UCFL318, UCFL319

UCFC: UCFC201, UCFC202, UCFC203, UCFC204, UCFC205, UCFC206,
UCFC207, UCFC208, UCFC209, UCFC210, UCFC211, UCFC212,
UCFC213, UCFC214, UCFC215, UCFC216, UCFC217, UCFC218

5) UCC201, UCC202, UCC203, UCC204, UCC205, UCC206, UCC207,
UCC208, UCC209, UCC210, UCC211, UCC212, UCC213

6) UCPA201, UCPA202, UCPA203, UCPA204, UCPA205, UCPA206,
UCPA207, UCPA208, UCPA209, UCPA210, UCPA211, UCPA212, UCPA213

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Xtsky One Way Clutch Bearing  (CSK Series)

Xtsky One Way Clutch Bearing (CSK Series)

Xtsky One Way Clutch Bearing (CSK Series)

One way bearing WOK25 is a type of sprag roller bearing supported ball bearing, it is same as Stieber CSK25

One way bearing

Type WOK


1. T ype WOK is a sprag type freewheel, also named CSKBBKKOW etc., it intergrated into 6205 series ball bearing. It is bearing supported, delivered grease lubricated and protected against dust of more than 0.3mm. The use of additionalnylostype seals is recommended especially when the woking temperature exceeds 50.

2. Oil bath lubrication is also possible if the original grease is first flushed out using s suitable solvent.

3. Torque transmission is ensured by a press fit assembly into a rigid outer housing with N6 tolerance. And onto a shaft with n6 tolerance. The initial bearing radial clearance is set at C5, and is reduced if using the press fit as specified.

4. The sealing in the both side of inner race or outer race is assembled into the inner race by a taper. So it improved the hermetic sealing and fastness, togther raised the work efficiency.

5. If not fit assembly, giving a WOKPP series C3 bearing clearance will be necessary.

6. WOK-2RS is 5mm wider but is equipped with lip seals to be water a splash resistant.

7. WOK...P is a sprag type freewheel integrated into 62 series ball bearing (except size 40). In addition to the basic WOK model, type WOK...P features a keyway on the inner race. For this reason it can be keyed to a shaft to K6 tolerance. The outer race must still be pressed into a rigid housing to N6 tolerance.

8. WOK...PP series features a keyway on both the inner and outer race. The recommended mounting tolerance are K6 on the shaft and K6 in a rigid housing. A H6 tolerance on the shaft or H6 in the housing are also acceptable for a slight fit assembly.

9. Operating temperature range; -40 to+100. Peaks up to+120 are acceptable for short periods.


Bearing loads
Friction Resistance

Dyn. Stat




5, 200


1 Tmax=2.5× TKN

One Z seal on the bearing side only.

Looking from this side, the outer race runs free in the counter clockwise direction.

Only one RS seal on the ball bearing side.

Looking from this side, the outer race runs free in the counter clockwise direction.

Availability of italic printed sizes on request.

Mounting example

One Way Bearings, Sprag Clutch Bearing
CSK8, CSK12, CSK15, CSK17, CSK20, CSK25, CSK30

We are the professional Manufacture of One-way clutch Bearings in China. One-way Clutch Bearing, One Way Clutch Bearing, One Way Clutch Bearings, One Way Bearing, One Way Bearings, One-way Bearings, One-way Bearing, one-way rotation bearings, one-way rotation bearing, one-way Rotating Bearings, B203A, B204A, B205A, B206A, B207A, B208A, B209A, B210, B203, B204, B205, B206, B207, B208, B209, B210, B-210, B-203, B-204, B-205, B-206, B-207, B-208, B-209, B-210, B 203, B 204, B 205, B 206, B 207, B 208, B 209, B 210, one way (direction) bearing, one way direction bearing, one way direction bearings, One-Way Roller Clutch Bearing, One-way Needle Clutch Bearing, clutch, one-way bearings, single-direction bearings, special-bearings, CSK12, CSK15, CSK17, CSK20, CSK25, CSK30, CSK30, CSK35, CSK40, CSK-12, CSK-15, CSK-17, CSK-20, CSK-25, CSK-30, CSK-30, CSK-35, CSK-40, CSK 12, CSK 15, CSK 17, CSK 20, CSK 25, CSK 30, CSK 30, CSK 35, CSK 40

CSK Series (One-Way Bearing) The CSK model freewheel is a sprag type clutch integrated into a 6200 series ball bearing (except sizes 8 and 40). It provides you with a one way clutch, and eliminates the need for a ball bearing. It gives a high degree of freewheeling accuracy while utilizing a minimum of space.
The CSK model freewheels can be used in backstop, overrunning or indexing applications.

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