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KSG Fungicides

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Post Date : August 18
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From Jan 03,2012 To Jan 03,2013
North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe


Cationic surfactant is our fungicide fungicide KSG series products

First, with broad-spectrum, highly effective biocide ability to effectively control bacteria in water Algae and slime growth and reproduction; a good sludge remover and a certain role in the dispersion, This product is effective, low toxicity, are less vulnerable to changes in water hardness and pH Influence on the mucus layer has a strong spin-off effect, chemical stability.


Has a strong adsorption ability and reduce the surface tension.

Cost-effective, efficient sterilization.

Has good water solubility.

Has a strong solubilization capacity.

Compound with other fungicides have greater synergies.

Bactericidal mechanism

KSG adsorption of positively charged negatively charged bacterial body, gathered in the cell wall, resulting in chamber resistance effect, leading to Bacterial growth inhibition and death; while its hydrophobic alkyl hydrophilic and bacteria can effect change in membrane Permeability, and subsequent lysis effect, destroys the cell structure, causing cell lysis and death.

Quality indicators


1. Fungicides: used in oil field water treatment, industrial circulating water and oil.

2. Paper industry: used as a fiber dispersion agents, antistatic agents, mold preservatives, sizing agent.

3. Metal preservatives: for metal anode protection.

Packaging and storage

1. Using 200kg plastic drum.

2. Stored in a cool, ventilated place, sealed.

3. Warranty: 1 year.

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KD-02 Selective Water Shutoff Agent

KD-02 Selective Water Shutoff Agent

KD-02 Selective Water Shutoff Agent

The product is the third generation of polyacrylamide application, prepared with polyacrylamide emulsion, cross-linking agent, intensifier and activator for cross-linking at certain temperature to form polymer-based gel, which had high strength, viscoelasticity and bring about water shutoff to sandstone and limestone.


1. The agent is hydrophilic and lipophobic, and its gel expand when contacting water and contract with oil. It applies to limestone/ sandstone stratum, heat tolerance at 50-130ºCwith wide application and good thermo-stability, and its effective period extends to a year.
2. The gel formation is adjustable, and the strength is high and resists pressure difference over 10MPa.
3. Fast dissolving in water disregard the water condition (pH), and not corrosive to lines and devices.
4. Low viscosity prior to the injection into the stratum, easy to be pumped and no limitation in season.
5. Degradable after clogging, non-polluting to the environment.

Construction design:

1. Working concentration of the agent: Depending on the oil-layer parameters: Temperature and pressure system, usually at 8~12%.

2. Dosage prediction: Depending on the produced liquid in the oil-water well, suction state and on-site operation, usually designed to cover an area with radius of action at 3-10m.

3. Working pressure: Not exceeding the water pressure injected for profile control, adjustable depending on the specific requirement, the maximum value not exceeding the stratum breakdown pressure.

4. Displacement: Low pressure and displacement, usually not exceeding 15m3/h in construction.

5. Application method: Preparation with water for a mixture.

Notice for packaging, handling and Storage

1. Packaged in 25/50/200 kg plastic/iron barrel.
2. Inversion and exposure to the sun prohibited in handling.
3. Storage in cool, dark and ventilated place and prevent exposure to the open air.

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Kd-25 Crude Oil Emulsion Splitter

Kd-25 Crude Oil Emulsion Splitter

Kd-25 Crude Oil Emulsion Splitter

KD-25 crude oil emulsion splitter is the combination of various agents. With the features such as small dose, quick emulsion breaking speed, strong adaptability and good dissolubility, it is an ideal product for emulsion breaking and dehydration of crude oil.

I. Technical Index

II. Usage and Dosage
This product can be directly added into the crude oil to mix it well, or directly add it in the oil well, with general dosage of 60~100PPm, or following the requirement on-site

III. Considerations in Package, Storage and Transportation
1. Pack it in clean iron drum, with net weight of each drum as 190kg, or pack it according to the requirement of the customers.
2. During the transportation, it shall be loaded and unloaded lightly, and the products shall be stored in a cool, well-ventilated place away from fire.
3. Effective shelf life is 12 months.

IV. Others
This company provides relevant technical service such as filtration of crude oil emulsion splitter.

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