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Neoskin Anti-age Cream

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OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing)
Natural Ingredients
Neoskin (anti-age cream)
Anti-wrinkle anti-aging cream
Neoskin Anti-age Cream
as requested
Omega 3, Plant Extracts
Patent No.96 04732 & Patent FR 9...
T/T,Western Union
Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Firming, Ski...
Cream, Lotion


Revolutionary product which makes you look and feel younger in 60 days!


Omega-3 Enriched Anti-wrinkle, Anti-age Cream

Skin is continuously exposed to environmental aggression such as ultra-violet radiation, pollution and free radical attack which cause degeneration of collagen and elastin fibres and reduce skin elasticity. Skin repair and renewal also becomes impaired and ageing accelerates with the appearance of wrinkles.

NEOSKIN® is a unique formulation prepared from omega-3 enriched fish oil associated with plant extracts which contain wheat germ sphingolipid transporters, seaweed, procyanidolic oligomers, provitamin A, bamboo and wheat germ oil to repair damaged skin, stop loss of collagen and elastin fibres to give skin elasticity and smoothness, improve local circulation and nutrient supply for regeneration and rejuvenation.

  1. Why do we get wrinkles?
    When we are young, skin cell regeneration is efficient and we have no wrinkles. However with increasing age, stress and pollution, cell regeneration loses its efficiency and dead cells
    are not completely replaced by the young cells. Skin cells are born in the lower part of the dermis and migrate upwards over 2 weeks to reach the bottom layer of epidermis (the outermost skin layer). Poor cell regeneration creates a small valley like fold in the dermal part of the skin which is externally visible as a wrinkle. The depth of the wrinkle is proportional to the deepness of the fold in the dermis.
  2. How can we remove wrinkles?
    By stimulating skin cell growth, skin defence and by protecting the collagen and the elastin in the dermis.
  3. Neoskin for whom?
    For both men and women who would like to have a firm, healthy looking and wrinkle-free skin.
  4. What are the main ingredients?
    - Provitamin A : From carrot to clean skin impurities,
    - Wheat sphingolipids : A carrier system to transport active substances deep into the skin (patented ingredient),
    - Omega-3 enriched fish oil : To accelerate cellular regeneration.
    - Algae extracts : To supply bioavailable minerals, trace elements and other essential elements for skin
    - Procyanidolic oligomers (OPCs from Vitis vinifera) : As antioxidants and anti-ageing natural substances
    which also helps to enhance local circulation,
    - Bamboo extract : As a supplier of natural silica for the synthesis of collagen,
    - Wheat germ glycerides : As nutritive, moisturising, and protective natural substance to enhance skin defence and beauty.
  5. Product Volume : 100-ml airless bottle
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Adonia Legtone Serum

Adonia Legtone Serum

Adonia Legtone Serum

Harness the power of plant stem cells to reduce the appearance of cellulite naturally

*Seeking potential buyers in Asia.




  • Smoother legs in just 9 minutes by up to 47%
  • Up to 72% reduction in the appearance of cellulite within 6 weeks
  • No Parabens
  • Takes only seconds to apply
  • Non-greasy, absorbs in 30 seconds
  • Uses gentle Plant Stem Cells, NOT human stem cells
  • Great results with use on the thighs and buttocks

Improve the look of cellulite naturally in just 9 minutes with plant stem cell therapy.

Embarrassed by lumpy cellulite? If so, you’re not alone, 9 out of 10 women have it. A healthy diet and regular exercise are no match for cellulite, and even the slimmest of women can experience “orange peel" skin on their legs and bottoms. This is why countless women—including celebrities—are using Adonia LegTone Serum, a clinically proven cellulite treatment that naturally improves the appearance of cellulite in just 9 minutes.

Catch Image1.jpg

How it works

A main cause of cellulite is the decline of the stem cells found naturally in our skin. As their activity slows, fat cells get engorged, toxins build up and the dimpling associated with cellulite appears. The secret to improving the appearance of cellulite is plant stem cells, which gently and effectively awakens our own skin's sleepy stem cells, resulting in even skin texture, diminished appearance of cellulite and improved firmness of loose skin. As Adonia LegTone Serum stimulates our stem cells and makes them active again, the skin's surface improves dramatically. This treatment offers a 47% reduction in cellulite in just 9 minutes, and the improvement lasts for up to 12 hours. With ongoing use, Adonia LegTone Serum can reduce the appearance of cellulite by an incredible 72% in six weeks.

What kind of long term results can I expect?

Based on the results of an independent clinical study performed by AMA Laboratories, users who applied Adonia LegTone™ Serum daily over the course of six weeks demonstrated an average reduction in the appearance of cellulite by 72%. For maintenance, continue to use Adonia LegTone™ Serum just a few times a week.

  • Non-Irritating
  • Never Tested on Animals
  • No Parabens
  • Safe and Natural
  • Seconds to Apply
  • Gentle for all Skin Types
  • No Human Stem Cells

Catch image.jpg

Clinically Proven

Many cosmetic companies conduct clinical tests on cellulite creams and treatments that are little more than in-house, marketing campaigns. We use only the most scientifically respected independent labs to vigorously test our products for safety and efficacy, ensuring the highest standards for our products and our consumers.

Published in February 2009, independent clinical trials were conducted by one of the top independent labs utilized by the cosmetic industry, AMA Laboratories. Adonia Organics LegTone™ Serum was tested on women from the ages of 26 to 57. The most sophisticated dermal evaluation devices evaluated the changes in the body and Clinical Photo Image Technology measured and documented the exact change in appearance. They found:

  • A 47% decrease in the appearance of Cellulite after 9 Minutes
  • A 72% decrease in the appearance of Cellulite after 6 Weeks
  • .6 inches decrease in thigh circumference after 6 Weeks

Physician image.jpg

Strict Clinical Trials
Conducted by independent laboratories, Adonia LegTone™ Serum demonstrated a 47% decrease in the appearance of cellulite in 9 minutes! In 6 weeks, there was a 72% decrease in the appearance of cellulite. In addition, Adonia Organics has submitted Adonia LegTone™ Serum to independent safety and regulatory testing within the beauty and medical industries in the USA and Europe. Adonia LegTone™ Serum passed with flying colors.

l PASSED Safety/regulatory status in the USA and the European Union

l PASSED Consumer Skin Sensitization Patch Study

l PASSED Skin Irritation Study

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients.jpg

Organic Grapefruit Oil

Organic Lemon Peel Oil

Organic Carrot Seed Oil

Organic Laurel Oil

Organic Ginger Oil

Organic Plant Stem Cells

Organic Rosemary Verbenone Oil

Organic Cypress Oil

Organic Neroli Oil

Organic Laurel Leaf Essential Oil

Before and After Results

5.jpg 4.jpg

Detail more >>



SPF 29+++

Magic RGII BB (SPF 29+++)

Magic RGII(=Red Ginseng) BB, directly manufactured and managed through us at WooriGNS, is our newly released spray type BB following the footsteps of our bestselling product the Magic Foundation which has had years of successful sales throughout the domestic and Asian market.

An even higher customer satisfaction is expected with our new Magic RGII BB which has been enhanced by compounding the red ginseng extract along with whitening, anti-aging and sun protector factor.

These effects are achieved through combining highly effective components of the red ginseng extract, hippophae rhamnoides water, camellia sinensis water, 5GF growth factor human oligopeptide(EGF, FGF, IGF, KGF, TGF), along with abundant moisturizing ingredients as allantoin, d-panthenol, arbutin, adenosine, tocopheryl acetate, aloe vera, chamomile, Q10 et al.

Magic RGII BB is a satin-like spray cover product which will conceal your blemishes while simultaneously rejuvenating your skin. It is an easy to use spray-on type BB product customized for all modern day women who are on the run.



The Magic RGII BB product has compounded red ginseng extracts which are cultivated from our mother ground in Korea. It is known to have greater effects than the white ginseng, composed of the ideal combination of the following ingredients:


-Known for effectiveness in anti-aging (prevents aging)

-Improves allergic conditions on skin

-Enhances clear toned complexion

-Effects immune system leading to vibrant skin


-Makeup Base









-Whitening Effect

-Sunscreen Factor


-Red Ginseng Extract

-Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Water

-Hippophae Rhamnoides Water

-EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)


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