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Wang's Flumethrin Strip

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  • 100 Bag/Bags
  • Sichuan China (Mainland)
  • Shanghai or Guangdong
  • little yellow
  • bee
  • Tag:bee medicine,bee drug,acaricide
  • Supplier - Sichuan Wang's Animal Healthy Co., Ltd.
  • China (Mainland)China (Mainland)
  • US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
  • Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler
  • North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
  • Mr.caowei
  • 86-28-85874381
Post Date : August 30
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Sichuan China (Mainland)
Shanghai or Guangdong
little yellow
Granule Agent
300000 Bag/Bags per Month
anti varroa mite on bees



PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTIONS: The main ingredient of the product Flumethrin manufactured

by Bayer chemical corporation of Germany, and also mixed it with other miticides with advanced

and scientific compatibility of medicine. It can function in in various developmental stages of the

varroa mites on egg, larva and imago. The product has high efficiency, quick killing result and long

duration, especially on the resistance mites. There is no harm for the bees and beekeepers.


1)Through the door: One strip each time,insert the medicine through the door by 45°angle, turn it over after five days, add one strip after 10 days.

2) Hanging in various place: Cut one strip into two pieces and hanging between the combs

by diagonal ( do not connect with the combs),add one piece after 10 days. If it is serious,

hang one strip in seven days, keep hanging three to four weeks, you can shift the position of

the strip in the meantime.

3)If you are afraid of hurting the bees, please use one quarter strip at a time, add the same

dosage after 5 to 6 days, four times for one hive.

The total dosage can not be used more than two strips for strong group, reduce it for the weak group,

take them out after using 21 days.

Period of Mite Treatment: The product can be used during the entire year and the best time is before spring propagation or

after the autumn ( honey flow period) The product is most effective if being used in none brood time;

if the product is used to treat mites during brood time, drug duration must be extended as most of

the female mites stay in the hive. The best time to give medicine is the morning of the good weather.


1) Don't neglect to choose 2~3 colonies for trial before applying the medicine. Analyze abnormal

cases in time and regulate the time and dosage.

2) Don't apply the medicine on the bees in a situation of a low temperature or honey-deficiency.Don’t apply the medicine when just settle down or transfer bee hives.

3) If strips are found adhesion or moisture when opened, they should be air-dried in the shade before being used, or they are harm to bees;do not expose them to the sun.

4) Don't use the medicine during honey flow.

5) Don't dispose waste medicine in mulberry fields and ponds.

6)Keep children off the medicine.

STORAGE: Protected from light and stored in dry place.

EXPIRY: 2 years.

SPECIFICATION: 3.6mg per strip, 20 strips per packet

PRODUCER: Sichuan Wangshi Animal Health Co., Ltd.

Address: Wenxing town, Shuangliu County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China.


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Wang's Manpu ( in english )

Wang's Manpu ( in english )

Wang's Manpu ( in english )

MAIN COMPONENTS:Tau-fluvalinate
The product chooses miticide manufactured by Japanese Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.

PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTIONS: The product chooses miticide manufactured by Japanese Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and 

has contact toxicity and stomach poisoning with advanced and scientific compatibility of medicine.

The medicine prescription of the original fluvalinate strip is improved and greatly enhances contact

toxicity and stomach poisoning to mites as well as the role of anti-feeding and activity avoiding after combined with synergistic and penetrative prescription. 

The new product greatly improves it's optical activity and the ability of killing mites while being

environmental friendly and having no harm to honey bee. Wang’s ManPuLik can prevent cross-impacts by complex acaricides as well as inefficient.


1) Trial is required. Choose 2 or 3 colonies for trial before applying to the whole yard. Make a plan 

fitting for the situation.

2) Multi- point to use. Cut strips into halves, hang two halves in the bee path diagonally,

add more two halves every after one week, all strips should be last 3-4 weeks.

3) Medicine-applying time: Any time in a year. The best time is before spring reproduction and after autumn honey

harvest. The effect is most obvious in no-larvae period. If in the larvae exiting period, prolong the time to 6-8 weeks for most of the female varroas in the honey comb.

4)  Determine the medicine applying time according to the yard situation.


1) Don't neglect to choose 2~3 colonies for trial before applying the medicine. 

Analyze abnormal cases in time and regulate the time and dosage.

2) Don't apply the medicine on the bees in a situation of a low temperature or honey-deficiency.Don’t apply the medicine when just settle down or transfer bee hives.

3) If strips are found adhesion or moisture when opened, they should be air-dried in the shade before being used, or they are harm to bees;do not expose them to the sun.

4) Don't use the medicine during honey flow.

5) Don't dispose waste medicine in mulberry fields and ponds.

6)Keep children off the medicine.

STORAGE: Protected from light and stored in dry place.    

EXPIRY: 4 years.

SPECIFICATION:  40mg per strip,                    20  Strips per packet   

PRODUCER: Sichuan Wangshi Animal Health Co., Ltd.

Address: Wenxing town, Shuangliu County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China.




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Bee with nutrient solution-------Feng Tai

Bee with nutrient solution-------Feng Tai

Bee with nutrient solution-------Feng Tai

1.increase output of the bee product
2.Enhance immunity of the bee,
3.strengthen the bee group

[Main Ingredient] Lactobacillus, hay bacillus, actinomyces, microzyme and other beneficial bacteria.

[Functions] Enhance immunity and disease-resistant ability of the bee body, strengthen bee group, increase output of the bee product and improve the quality of the bee product.

[Main Ingredient] Lactobacillus, hay bacillus, actinomyces, microzyme and other beneficial bacteria.

[Usage] Add Fengtai into feed syrup and evenly mixed in the spring or before taking pulp in the summer; add the product in the feeding by the proportion of 10 in the first week, add by the proportion of 6 in the second week and add by the proportion of 3 in the third week and after.

[Precautions] water for dilution must be boiled and cool to almost 30 Celsius for use. Stir evenly for feeding.

[Characteristics] The product is environmental organic agent without any side effects

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