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NPK fertilizer

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Post Date : September 07
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Hubei China (Mainland)
Compound Fertilizer
100000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month


1.high concentration
2.various elements compounded liquid fertilizer
3.environmental protect
4.patented product


“Duofujia” liquid fertilizer, a compound liquid leaf fertilizer containing five type nutrients of nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium,medium-trace element and silicon, is a full value nutrient specializing in high silicon,high potassium,high phosphorus contends. This fertilizer is a high tech product firstly invented by Central China Agricultural University. It has high content ingredient and high availability of nutrient. When it is sprayed to crops, it can be absorbed strongly and assimilated easily, it can also inhibit the transpiration. It is a safe and long-effect fertilizer since it is a complex containing quick &. long-lasting nutrient and not containing hormone(no side-effect). It has multi effect, which can promote and adjust the growth of crops, protect flowers and fruits, increase fruit formation ratio, increase tolerance to disease and pest, lodging and adversary circumstance, increase yield by normally about 10% and enhance quality significantly.

This fertilizer is mainly used in middle or later stage on many main crops’ leaves. It is an effective way of silicon supply in time and preventing progeria to guarantee high yield and quality. It has become a supporting measure in carrying out structural adjustment of industry and implementing “two high, one excellent” agriculture. Especially in world today, agriculture is characteristic in fame, feature and high quality, developing harmless industry is advocated vigorously. Green (natural) food and green economy are favored, which will become one of the most practical and efficient product for choice. MCLF includes two ingredients of A and B. A is a complex with content of N+P2O5+K2O≥540g/L, medium-trace nutrient≥20g/L; in B, available silicon SiO2≥360g/L. Before spray, take 50ml of A and B respectively, add them in turn into 50 kg water to form 1:1000 dilution liquid. Usually spraying to leaf surface ,flower and new stem once respectively; better effect will be obtained if spray another time after 5~7 days.


Usage and effect of main agricultural crops:

Rice: Spraying once in the later tillering stage can prevent rice blast and leaf cicada, do good to its health and growth. It is mainly used in booting stage. Spraying twice can decrease the damage from rice neck blast,leaf blight,snout moth’s larva,migratory louse,flies hiding in stem to guarantee high yield, and enhance quality.

Wheat: Spraying before jointing once or twice can prevent lodging. Spray in booting stage once or twice can greatly decrease red mould disease, powdery mildew, red spider, aphid to guarantee high yield and enhance quality.

Maize: Spraying once or twice from jointing to booting stage can decrease large or small spot disease, blight, snout moth’s larva, increase ratio of ear formation and fructification.

Cotton: Spraying 2-3 times in flowering stage can decrease drop, increase boll amount and lighten diseases and pest damage.

Tobacco: Spraying 1-2 times before or after topping, can thicken the leaves, make them loose,deep green,and clean, decrease Alternaria and Cercospora nicotianae, increase yield and grade significantly.

Peanut: Spraying 1-2 times in flowering stage (10 leaves) alleviate disease, decrease the number of hollow plant and blighted fruit, increase yield and grade.

Wild rice: Spraying 1-2 times from tillering to growth stage can alleviate the white leaf disease, stimulate the growth of fruit and improve quality.

Oilseed,sesame: Spraying 1-2 times in flowering stage and bearing pods stage can guarantee more pods, seed and steady yield.

Fruit type vegetables (Eggplant,pepper,cucumber,tomato,calabash,kidney bean,sponge gourd,edible gourd,balsam pear,wax gourd,strawberry, etc): Spraying after flowering stage or when the fresh fruit come out can protect fruit, make it strong, enhance its quality, lighten disease. Afterward, according to the practical condition, spray once after every harvest to many times continuously can guarantee high yield and good quality.

Vegetables of leaf or root type ( Spinage,celery,Chinese cabbage,cabbage hollow vegetable,amaranth,garlic bolt,onion,radish, lettuce, etc): Spraying once in growth stage can decrease mould disease,leaf spot disease and aphid, stimulate growth, make stem and leaf tender and green, let fruit fresh and delicate, and core not easy rotted, and increase yield and quality.

Melon or gourd (watermelon,casaba,pumpkin,Hami melon, etc): Spraying to young fruit and surround leaves and stems in flowering stage can increase fruit formation ratio and modify savor and quality.

Carrot,sugar beet,Brocoli: Spraying 1-2 times from jointing to early flowering stage can stimulate fruit early maturing and increase yield and quality.

Tuber crop (potato,sweet potato,taro and Chinese yam etc.): Spraying 1-2 times in closing of crop and fruit maturity stage can make fruit uniform in size, stimulate growth and make it strong and increase yield.

Sugarcane: Continuous spraying 2-3 times in rapid growth stage from root-shape stem to crowded &. ripe stem can prevent disease and progeria, supply silicon nutrient, make it grow healthily and increase sugar content.

Bamboo shoot (bamboo shoot,asparagus): Spraying once in early stage of shoot coming out enhance its quality.

Lawn (pasture): Spraying 1-2 times in rapid growth stage, crops grows strong forceful and delicate, high yield will be obtained.

Potted landscape,flowers: Spraying to potted landscape make them bright clean and brilliant. Spraying 1-2 times from early flowering stage to flower maturing stage can make the flowers shipshape,bright colored and strong, lengthen bloom period to a certain extend.

In addition, for some special purpose, it can be used together with nutrient contained liquid for soilless culture, add new ingredient, increase tech content and improve the availability of high-grade goods.


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shrimp nutrition feed additive

shrimp nutrition feed additive

shrimp nutrition feed additive

1.environmental protect
2.full nutritions
3.high-efficient promoter
4.water quality improve


With the constant improvement of our country’s shrimp’s breeding level, the high intensity intensive breed is increasingly popular, which led to worse environment’ al condition and shrimp diseases, even death. According to this situation, Wuhan Fuqiang Technology Development Company independently patented technology product-duofujia liquid fertilizer’s utilization has achieved a breakthrough development.

This liquid fertilizer is high concentration and various elements compounded liquid fertilizer, and it is the country’s item of agricultural technology achievements. It is the initiative high technology product with good nature in dissolving the water, and high constituent content and utilization vatio feature. Since this type of high concentration and various elements compounded liquid fertilizer is used in aquaculture has not been reported in the literature domestic and abroad, it is produced and applied by Shanghai Aquatic University’s fry breeding base, which initiates the artificial cultivation of diatom.


Active ingredients

N, Si, ect.


A: colorless transparent liquid

B: milky transparent liquid


This product is the whole price nutritious agent that is featured by the shrimp’s increase and putting on weight by absorbing the good quality algae forage. After using it, you can get the combination of quick results and lasting results, which breeds good water quality quickly and beneficial algae reproduction. It particularly provides high quality algae forge to fry. The product is easy for shrimp’s absorption and can strengthen the antibody’s ability. It will let the fish improve the quality and keep delicious taste.

It can produce algae in a large amount in various waters, bring the advanced algae’s curbing role into full play stabilize the water quality, keep the breed ecological balance and maintain the water’s best state. So it helps the breeding pond achieve the purpose of forming production forces.

It is safe and dose not contains Cl and hormone, and it has no pollution and no adverse reaction. Especially, it is helpful for people’s health and possesses realistic significance with the mass development of famous, special, good, new species and green products.

Suitable range

It is suitable for various refined raising fish pond, pond , lake and reservoir that breed all kinds of fries and shrimps

Dosage and administration

First, dilute the A (100ml) of the products in1000 times then add B into it ,sprinkle all of them to the pond. Do it 3 days a time, continually in 2 times, and increase or decrease the dosage according to the water quality (the A and B group can treat 2-3 hectare water that is 1m in depth)

Adverse reaction



1. Do not mix it with disinfectant. If the water is sterilized, use the product 5 days later.

2. Use it in every season to maintain the ecological balance and decrease or prevent the occurrence of diseases and pest’s danger.

3. Remember to use A first. Use it at the present dispose.


preserve in normal temperature


100ml/A/bottle 100ml/B/bottle


Three years


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bailuoshading pesticide/fishery medicine

bailuoshading pesticide/fishery medicine

bailuoshading pesticide/fishery medicine

bailuoshading pesticide/fishery medicine
1.environmental protect
2.effectively kill mollusk pests

bailuoshading pesticide/fishery medicine

Generic name

snail killer

Trade name


Active ingredients and chemical names

Pyridine-3-formyl methylamine


gray powder

Function and indication

It is used to kill the snails, which can effectively kill mollusk pests like oncomelania, field snail, ect, and eliminate the serious danger that snail pests fight for food and consume oxygen with fish and shrimp in the water. So it can improve the aquaculture benefit. And at the same time, it can prevent many worm diseases like aquaculture animal blood fluke and stop the spread channels of diseases.

It is safe and not hazardous to fish, shrimp and plants by a way of killing snails in water.

Dosage and administration

Fully dissolve and dilute this product with clean water, then sprinkle or spray it to the nail area evenly.

1. Kill snail with waters in the fish and shrimp’s pond: per cubic meter needs it at the dosage of 0.4g, and per hectare water (1m depth) 250g each bag. There is no need to add more dosage in the usual situation. Kill snails at this concentration so all the snail pests will die a week later.

2. Kill snails in the rice paddy: Each bag treat 2-3 hectare.

3. Kill the oncomelania: Add and increase the dosage(let the water’s concentration reach 0.4-1ppm), then sprinkle it with more water.

Adverse reaction



1. Do not use it in shell freshwater farm and ponds of fish and shrimp.

2. When using it, avoid contacting the skin directly. If it has happened, do wash the area with fresh water immediately since it would stimulate the skin.

Stopping period



300g: aluminums oxide 90g


300×20 bottle/case

Shelf life

Two years


preserve it in tightly closed dry containers, protected from damp.


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