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MAP,DCP, fire extinguisher powder

Post Date : September 08
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ningbo /shanghai
Tianshun fire extinguisher
ABC powder
Zhejiang China (Mainland)
100 Ton/Tons per Week


Ammonium phosphate powder(called as power ABC) is used to put off fire of kind A,B and C equipment as well as electrical devices

Powdered extinguishing agent is a dry,flowable fine solid powder,and it is jetted from container under gas pressure inside the extinguisher or extinguishing appliance and puts off fire in a powder-fog form.It is fast and effective in extinguishing ,non-corrosive,non-conductive,lowly toxic,and non-fusible.

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fire extinguisher power

fire extinguisher power

fire extinguisher power

ABC dry powder i.e. ammonium dihydrogen phosphate
Main purposes: fabric with fire retardant, also used as a fire retardant pain

ABC powder extinguishing agent has five categories: 40%, 50%, 70%, 90%, 95%

Packaging, transportation and storage requirements:

1. Product packaging for the 25kg size, inside the bag with plastic bag sealed package, plus bag (or according to customer requirements separate)

2. Products should be sealed in a cool, dry, ventilated room, transportation, storage should be avoided during the rain, to prevent moisture to affect the performance of their storage conditions and fire-fighting DSC03285.JPG

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fire extingisher

fire extingisher

fire extingisher

1.We have the certification of ISO 9001:2000
2.Our product is ABC fire extinguisher
3.We have strong production capacity

Portable dry powder fire extinguisher is a lightweight and efficient portable fire extinguishing equipment, it uses ABC (ammonium salt) dry powder fire extinguishing agent and the driver together with nitrogen gas filling the container in a fully enclosed, when the nitrogen-driven dry powder fire extinguishing agents Extinguishing with fire fast, light weight, high efficiency, easy to use, flexible, safe, and reliable.

Portable fire extinguishers suitable for fighting Class A fires (ordinary solid materials fire), B class of fire (flammable liquid fire), C class of fire (gas fire), E Class Fire (live material fire) of the early fire. Can be widely used in factories, schools, hotels, offices, warehouses, vehicles, ships and other fire-fighting purposes.


filling volume

Working pressure


Minimum effective injection time

Residual rate of injection

Minimum effective spray distance


Bottle size





13 s


3.5 m



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