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ir filter 850nm

  • 10 Piece/Pieces unrestricted
  • Jiangsu China (Mainland)
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  • optical glass
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Post Date : September 10
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Jiangsu China (Mainland)
optical glass
100000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Specifications filter 850nm.
2.ensure product quality.
3.material:colored optical glass.

ir filter 850nm

this glass filter just infrared pass and absorbing uv and visible light.

there are 40 kinds of this filter including M25,M27,M28,M30,M30.5,M37,M43,M46,M49,M52,M55,M58 etc.

Optical band-pass filter is a kind if optical elements which can let the specially appointed wavelength light pass but other wave band light cut.
Usually we use the UV-light wave band, visible light wave band, close infrared light wave band ( such as 850nm,940nm), far-infrared light wave band through but other wave band cut (or absorb), to reach the customer’s request of the product.
In the CCTV industry, it mostly use to restrain the strong light and use with the infrared LED to screen the car license plate in the city road traffic, it’s advantage is that his image effect is better than commonly OLPF.
if you have special request ,please give us a list.

the size is according to the customer's requirements.

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diameter & height:customization;
view angle :15-60°;

2.high transmittance(transmittance :93%)

3.ROHS approved(have got ROHS certification)

suitable for indoor lighting,street light, flashlight,spotlight,wash wall

light,floodlight,downlight,camera case.suitable for LUXEN led,Edison led,Seoul led and so on.


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1.Glass Type:UV filter, Infrared Glass Filter,daylight filter, Green Glass filter, Orange Glass filter, Violet Glass Filter, Blue Glass Filter, Red Glass Filter, Yellow Glass Filter, Neutral Grey Glass Filter, the dust density ND filter and so on

2.specifications: M25 to M82 range.200 nm to 2500 nm spectral range of a full range of optical glass

3.Surface quantity:0/0,40/2080/50

4.Surface accuracy:1/10 into,1/4 into2 into

5.Thickness business trip:±0.01mm±0.02mm

6.Center deviation:5Arc second1Arc Minute

7.Process the scope:The thickness is the most thin to attain 0.2 mm

8.The steel turns


Good appearance, Resistance high temperature, Resistance pressure, acid and alkali, high transparency, good quality,good price!


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