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ANSI Socket Single Phase Electric Power Meter (DDS1088K) -Register Display

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Post Date : September 15
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ANSI C12.1,ANSI C12.10


The DDS1088k single-Phase electric power meter is a socket type meter designed to meet the latest ANSI C 12.1 and ANSI C 12.10 standards. The meter measures active energy in single-phase two wire or three wire alternating current power grids 50Hz and 60Hz. Connection is FM 1S and FM 2S. It is a reliable long service life meter.

Product Features
Single Tarrif Energy
Bidirectional Active Energy Measurement
Reverse Energy Indication(LED Indication and add to forward register)
Compact Size and Weight
Register Type
High Accuracy: 0.5S

Product Highlights
The use of innovative metering technology can provide the high security and assures the meter maintain its accuracy over its full operating range.

Meter Structure
The meter cover and base is made of bakelite, PC, ABS etc., in accordance with Type 2 insulation protection requirements, good anti-inflammation and insulation capability, firm structure and nice appearance.

LED Indicater
A high light LED indicater is mounted on the cover of the meter, pulsing a rate proportional in accordance with operating meter.

Reverse Energy
Via analysing the angle between Voltage and Current, if the angle excess 180, the REV LED operate. The meter will measure the reverse energy as the forward energy.


Technical Specification
Meter Type: DDS1088K
Connection: Socket Type FM1S/2S
Reference Voltage: 120V, 240V
Basic Current: 10(60)A, 15(100)A, 30(200)A
Reference frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
Accuracy: Class0.5, 1.0, 2.0 optional
Starting Current: 0.4%Ib(Class 1) 0.5%Ib(Class 2)
Runing with no-load: Logic design for running with no-load
Power Loss: ??1W/6VA
Working condition: Standard working condition: -30~60
Relative Humidity: ??80%

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CDMA Meter, Three Phase Electronic Multifunction Watt Hour Meter (DTSD1088H3)

CDMA Meter, Three Phase Electronic Multifunction Watt Hour Meter (DTSD1088H3)

CDMA Meter, Three Phase Electronic Multifunction Watt Hour Meter (DTSD1088H3)

DTSD1088H3 CDMA meter,
Three phase electronic multifunction watt hour meter

1. Introduction
The key features of the DT(S)SD1088H3-series meter (3P4W) are cost-effective multi-functional CDMA metering device for commercial and industrial applications. The meter offers the powerful functions such as TOU (Time-of-Use) metering, various energy and power measurements, huge metering/interval data and events recording, instantaneous measurement and instrumentation, tamper & fraud protection, and communication.

2. Metering capabilities
The meter can measure and record a billing data like energy and demand data based on a metering channel configuration which can set up to 4-channels. Also, the meter can measure the quadrant energy and the combination of each quadrant energy quantities. For more requirements, the demand measuring and recording channel can be set separately with the energy metering and recording channel.

1). TOU metering
The meter can adopt up to 8-tariff TOU metering capabilities including 8-switching points per day, 12-day schedules, 8-week groups, and more than 600-holidays. Additionally, the meter provides a unique TOU function that each metering and recording channels can be set to be an exclusive TOU program.

2). Load profile

3). Instrumentation profile (load survey)

4). Instrumentation

5). Power supply

6). Event log

7). Communication

8). Tamper& Fraud Protection

3. Specification
The brief specification of the DT(S)SD1088H3 series meter is following:

Voltage: AC 220/380V;
Current: 5(10) A;
Frequency Nominal: more or less 5 % than 50Hz;
Temperature: -25 ~ 75 degree;
Humidity: Up to 100% non-condensing Power loss Less than 2W;
Accuracy: 0.5 / 1.0 class;
Accuracy variations: Voltage coefficient is more or less than0.03%;
Temperature coefficient: More or less than 0.03% per degree;
Starting current: Less than 0.005 In;
Startup delay: Less than 3 sec;
Creep: No more than 1-pulse;
Communication: 300~9600 baud;
Standards: IEC 62052-11, IEC 62053-21, 22, 23, IEC 62056-21.

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Two Phase Three Wire Electric Meter (DSS1088)

Two Phase Three Wire Electric Meter (DSS1088)

Two Phase Three Wire Electric Meter (DSS1088)

Three (Two) phase electric power meter DSS1088
Meter Function
1. Measure total active power in absolute value measured way.
2. Resettable power Mechanism: Short circuiting CLR, meanwhile press up-down button in 8 second.
3. LCD display 6 digital with Build-in Lithium battery
4. High responsibility in good electromagnetism compatibility.
5. Phase loss measure record.
6. Impulse output: With photo electricity output meet and 60 to 100ms width of impulse output.

Meter Capability and technical parameter
1. Class: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 optional.
2. Power loss: Less than 1.5W per phase.
3. Working voltage: 0.8Un to 1.15 Un
4.2x121/210V, 3x15(60)A, 60Hz, 800imp/kwh
5. Starting current: Active power is less than0.004Ib
6. Size: 273x172x77mm
7. Weight: 1.6kg

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