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Fishing Twine Nylon Twine

Post Date : September 15
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pp, polyester and cotton
300m/KG, 6000m/KG, 1000m/KG


Use: For packaging, agriculture
Type: 1mm---5mm, 210/3, 210/9, 210D/12, 210/21, ---, 100000D, 30000D; 5000m/KG, 3000m/KG
Composition: 100% Polyester, nylon, or cotton
Can twisted, un-tube, 100g, 250g, 1kg, 5kg or7kg
Can UV treated, mesh of yarn
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Family Sewing Thread (LT003)

Family Sewing Thread (LT003)

Family Sewing Thread (LT003)

Cloth use sewing thread, raw and color,
Home or Apparel sewing use
60S/4, 40s/2, 20s/2.210D/3, 420D
500m, 3000m, 5000m

Polyester DTY yarn 150D, 300D.

Polyester thread and binded thread, when it is be cut, it is not be open: 210D/3, 300D/3.420/3, 630D/3, 1000d/3--,

Cotton thread, cotton twine

PP yarn, 900D, 1200D, 2000D, 5000D, 10000D

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Polyester Thread (LT005)

Polyester Thread (LT005)

Polyester Thread (LT005)

High tenacity thread 250D, 500D, 1000D, 1500D
Polyester sewing thread AND COLOR YARN 40/2, 40/3, 20/2, 20/3, 20s/6, 20s/9, 20s/4*3

Nylon sewing thread and binded thread, when it be cut, thread is not be open: 210D/3, 300D/3.420/3, 630D/3, 1000d/3--,

Also have aramid sewing thread 20S/2, 20S/3

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