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6'' deep well submersible water pump

Post Date : September 16
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Tianjin China (Mainland)
High Pressure
Multistage Pump
300 Set/Sets per Month
Centrifugal Pump


1.enterprise standard,
2.high lift for single stage,
3.more stable than national standard
4.Long useable life
submersible w

300QJ series deep well submersible pump

Model Description:

For example: AT 300 QJ 160 -216 /8

AT: abbreviation of Chinese Aote (Enterprise Standard)

300: minimum well inner diameter

Q: submersible

J: for well use

160: flow capacity 160m3/h

216: head 216m

8: eight-stage impellers connection

Note: This sample covers all our recommended models of enterprise standard, meanwhile we are available from stock for all the models of the national standard.




Pump casing

Cast iron1Bronze AISI 304AISI 316

Delivery casing

Cast iron1Bronze AISI 304AISI 316

Suction lantern

Cast iron1Bronze AISI 304AISI 316


Cast iron1Bronze AISI 304AISI 316


Cast iron1Bronze AISI 304AISI 316


stainless steel 2Cr13 AISI 316 AISI 304

Shaft coupling

1AISI 316 SS 2AISI 304 SS

Wear ring

Bronze AISI 304AISI 316

Motor casing

Cast iron1Bronze AISI 304AISI 316

Top bearing supporter

Cast iron1Bronze AISI 304AISI 316

Bottom supporter

Cast iron1Bronze AISI 304AISI 316


stainless steel 2Cr13 AISI 304AISI 316

Lubrication oil

Oil for food machinery and phamaceutic use

Technical parameters:

Max outer diameter: 281mm

Outlet diameter: DN150, DN200

Outlet flange parameter: 8 M16×65 threaded studs, center distance: 210mm


The deep well submersible pump's application is more widespread than the common centrifugal pump. They are suitable for agricultural irrigation, mining drainage, rainwater recycling system, emergency rescue and disaster relief, urban water supply enterprises and government institutions water lifting.



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Auto-decompression control cabinet,control box,control panel

Auto-decompression control cabinet,control box,control panel

Auto-decompression control cabinet,control box,control panel

Autodecompression contron starting
overload,short circuit,phase failure protection
suitable for 18.5~410kw
control 1~5 pumps

The scope of Application

The pump control cabinet is well-designed by our many years of practice and advanced experience. Our products integrate with the protect functions of overload, short circuit, phase failure, pump water leaking, motor over temperature and creepage,etc. With many kinds of switching and starting modes, it can control single& multipump. It is widely used in water supply system of industry field, drainage projects, fire fighting, HVAC cool and hot water recycling system,etc. The cabinet is also a safe and reliable partner of kinds of pump controlling for its excellent quality, exquisite design, easy installation and operation.

Supply and application

  1. Auto-transformer starter: low starting current, low impact current, low voltage drop, suitable for 18.5-410KW motor
  2. Wide application: it is used in drainage, fire fighting, irrigation, pressure increase, air conditioning cooling cycle system, industry field, sewage drainage,etc.
  3. Excellent quality: skillful in workmanship, exquisite design, national famous brands parts, superior standard cabinet.
  4. Various functions: It can control 1-5 pumps and can randomly combine with the main pumps and jury pumps. It has various start and control models meanwhile it can auto-switch trouble. Special designs and sizes are also available at your requirement.

The Advantages of Equipment

  1. The electrical components of products are all chosen elaborately, ensuring stable operation.
  2. Equipped with the sensitive electronic motor protector, the whole device could operate reliably and stably.
  3. The products combines with automatically control functions of pressure, time, liquid level, jury pump, thus simplifying the operation and improving working efficiency.


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Intelligent soft start control cabinet,control box,control panel

Intelligent soft start control cabinet,control box,control panel

Intelligent soft start control cabinet,control box,control panel

soft start control cabinet
smoothly soft start
completely protection function
Passive contact or volt-free contact


Product Summary

The soft starter, namely SMC intelligent soft starter(non-contact solid state controllor), is a new motor starting product, substituting for the old traditional starter such as star-delta starting, autotransformer, field-control starter,etc. It has been widely used in industry field.

The intelligent soft starter is the new products integrating with microprocessor and high-power thyristor technology.The microprocessor control the conduction angle, changing the output voltage of the thyristor and making the motor’s start and stop rotating speed meet the requirement of pump’s.The soft start and stop plays an important role in prolonging the device’s service life and preventing from the water hammer impact.


  1. Lower motor starting current and reduce the capacity of distribution.
  2. Decrease the starting stress and prolong the motor and the other device’s service life.
  3. Steadily soft start and soft stop, avoiding surge problem of traditional device starting and water hammer impact.
  4. With various starting models and wide setting range of voltage and current, it can suitable for many load conditions
  5. It is an ideal equipment of protecting the motor and related devices.
  6. It is designed for frequently starting and stopping.

Working conditon

1 Power: three-phase four-wire system 380V(-15%~+10%), 50Hz

2 Temperature: -5°C~ +40°C

3 Altitude: ≤2000m

4 Monthly average relative humidity: ≤90% (monthly average temperature:25°C)

5 The environment with explosive medium, conductive dust and corrosive gas which may destroy metal and device’s insulation is absolutely forbided.

6 Vertical installation angle: ≤5°


  1. Water supplying projects and fire fighting in high-rise, residence community, enterprise and public institution
  2. Recycling system of central air condition and dual water supply system
  3. Industrial and mining establishments process water supplying, such as cooling water recycling, boiler water supplying system
  4. Constant pressure system in oil pipeline ,oil house, oil pump station,etc
  5. Waterworks, water supply pump station
  6. Sewage and wastewater disposal
  7. Large square, park grasslandand and farmland irrigation and drainage system
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