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C5225 Double-column Vertical Lathe

Post Date : October 25
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Jiangsu China (Mainland)


C5225 Double-column Vertical Lathe
Max.turning diameter of workpiece2500mm
Max. height of work piece 1600mm

1, Machine overview and main purposes

C5225 Double Column Vertical Lathe is one of my company's own developed vertical lathes, belonging to large universal metal-cutting processing equipment. The product uses advanced CAD computer-aided design techniques, in accordance with national, industry-related design and manufacture of acceptance standards.

C5225 double-column vertical lathes specifics to large electrical motor industry, large pump valve type industries, transportation industry, as well as engineering machinery, defense industries of some 2.5 m diameter large workpieces cylindrical-type parts, such as the motor shell, the pump valve shell, wheel hub, to conduct turning processes on end face, internal and external cylindrical surface, but also can use vertical tool carrier with spanning degrees (+/-30 degrees) for the internal and external cone turning processing needs.

C5225 is a kind of double-column vertical lathe with lifting beam, using about 2 vertical tool rests to move on the beam; main movement adopts advanced stepless frequency control devices, feeding motion adopts servo-driven, transmission device is greatly simplified, easy and fast to operate, because the product structure is novel and style is unique, with a wide range of processing, good level of automation, stable quality, saving tooling, efficient production so that the machine has a high economic applicability, which has been welcomed by customers.

2, The main machine specifications and parameters:

The main parameters and performance indicators of machine specifications are basically in line with the national standard GB/T3665.1-1999 "single-column, double-column vertical lathe parameters", as well as industry standards, enterprise standards requirements.

Work table diameter 2250 mm

Max. turning diameter of work piece 2500 mm

Max. height of work piece 1600 mm

Max. weight of work piece 12000 Kg

Max. cutting force of tool rest

Right tool rest 35000 N

Left tool rest 30000 N

Max. total cutting force 63000 N

Max. torque of work table 63000 N·m

Work table steps of speeds stepless

Work table speed range 2-63 rpm

Tool rest feeding steps stepless

Tool rest feeding range 0.25-90 mm/min

Tool rest rapid travel speed 1550 mm/min

Max. stroke of beam 1250 mm

Tool rest horizontal travelling distance 1400 mm

Tool rest vertical travelling distance 1000mm

Beam travelling speed 350 mm/min

Max. rotation angle of tool rest +/-30°

Tool rest clamping size width x height 40x50 mm

Main motor power 55 KW frequency control motor

Machine total powerabout 70 KW

Overall dimension length x width x height 5500x4660x4960 mm

Machine weightabout 37000 Kg

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CW61160x12000 horizontal lathe

CW61160x12000 horizontal lathe

CW61160x12000 horizontal lathe

CW61160 horizontal lathe
Max. Swing over bed 1600mm
Max. Work piece length12000mm
Max. Swing over turret1280mm

1, The overall presentation of the machine

CW61160 large horizontal lathe can bear all kinds of turning work, including turning the cylindrical, inner hole, face, etc. of a variety of parts; the upper turret separating motor can turn a short taper (cone generatrix length L ≤ 300 mm), the coordination of upper turret and the vertical feed can turn a long taper by motor; Additionally, the machine could meet the processing requirements of drilling, boring holes, nesting and so on, but also can be used for the mightiness turning of carbide cutting tools for turning, processing various ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

In addition, the machine also has inherent characteristics such as large power, high speed, small noise, strong rigidity, high precision and good accuracy maintaining, but also has external characteristics such as nice shape, compact and reasonable layout of such, but also has merits such as a concentrated handle, signs visual, flexible operation, convenient, safe, and reliable with good performance.

2, Main technical specifications

Max. Swing over bed Φ1600 mm

Max. Work piece length 12000 mm

Max. Swing over turret Φ1280 mm

Max. Work piece weight between centers 6000 kg

Width of guide way on upside of the bed 970 mm

Main motor power 30 kw

Fast motor power 1.5 kw

Pump motor power 0.55 kw

Cooling motor power 0.15 kw

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CW6280E/1000 horizontal lathe

CW6280E/1000 horizontal lathe

CW6280E/1000 horizontal lathe

CW6280E/CW6180 horizontal lathe
Max. Swing over bed 800mm
max. workpiece length 1000mm
spindle bore 105mm

1. Instructions

Bed is machined through surface quenching, grinding, quenching hardness HRC50;

Headstock gears is machined through tooth hardening, precise gear grinding machining, high-speed gear accuracy is up to 5 levels; headstock spindle adopts three-point supporting, with good spindle rigidity; headstock handle adopts centralized control. Feed Box Gear also adopts tooth-quenching.

The accuracy of machine tools is in line with The People's Republic of China National Standard GB/T4020-1997 accuracy inspection of horizontal lathe." The standard adopted revised ISO 1708:1989 "Acceptance conditions for general purpose parallel lathe-Testing of the accuracy".

Complete safety protection devices for users to choose ... ... Back protection, chuck protection, disk chuck protection, tool rest protection, three-bar protection so that the machine meets the requirements of "GB15760-2004 security general technical conditions of metal-cutting machine tools ", or European security standards 98/37/EC, 89/392EEC91/368EEC, 72/23/EEC ... ...

Slide carriage of the machine is set with fast-moving device, overload safety devices, longitudinal and horizontal cross manipulation handle, open and close nut handle;

We can provide metric machines, British machine and combinations with a variety of special functions.

This series machines offer a variety of spindle structures of spindle bore, spindle bore with 100mm, 105mm, 130mm 3 kinds. Spindle head form has two kinds: C11-type and D11 model.

Under normal circumstances, we provide C11 spindle. We provide D11 spindle for British machine and special order machine.

This series of machine's main motor power is 11kW (special order is 15kW, 22kW);

Headstock and feed boxes adopt oil pump shower-type lubrication; 12. Machine noise sound pressure level is not more than 83 (A)

2, Main specifications

Max. Swing diameter over bed

CW6180ECW6280E 800mm

Max. workpiece length 1000mm

Max. Machining length 600mm

Max. Swing diameter of horizontal tool rest 520mm

Max. Swing over saddle of gap-bed lathe 1000mm

Effective utilization length of saddle of dap-bed lathe 350mm


Spindle bore 105mm

Taper hole of spindle Metric 20 120

Taper of center Mohs 5

Spindle speed series 18 series

Spindle speed 7.5-1000r/min

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