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Air traction belt

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  • lumbar belt
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Post Date : September 21
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lumbar belt


Unique Effects

1. Patients themselves can do continuous traction It is conve nient to wear the belt both at home, work and during leisure activities. It guarantees the rehabilitation of the nucleus pulpous and lumbar vertebrae.

2. Vertical traction can reduce the pressure between the lumbar vertebrae when standing, reducing stress on the lumbar ama.

3. The belt is light weight, so it can be worn during exercising, traveling, working, at home, and driving.

4. The belt is net only effective in the treatment but also in the prevention of Lumbar vertebral conditions

Main Functions

The product is effective in the treatment and prevention of prolapsed lumbar intervertebral discs, abnormal function of small joints of the lumbar vertebra, hyperplasia of the lumbar vertebra and other lumbar vertebra conditions.


1.Do not wash in washing machine.

2.Avoid sharp objects scratching the product

3.Avoid direct sunlight and heat.

4.Only use the belt on the Lumbar area

5.It is important to do regular back exercises in conjunction with the use of this product

6.Do not use the belt during a meal and within one hour after eating

7.If the product causes any pain cease use and consult a medical practitioner

8.Please read the manual carefully before using the product

People with the following conditions are advised not to use this belt.

1.Patients with thoracic fracture .lumbar spine fracture,sacral fracture,pelvic fracture or rib fracture.

2.Patients with rheumatoid arthritis or ruptured ligament

3.Patients with tuberculous spondylitis or pyogenic spondylitis.

4.Patients with lumbar spine damage which was caused by tuber culosis or tumors

5.Patients with central disc herniation.

6.Patients with tumors of ganglion or bone.

7.Patients with serious cardiovascular diseases or respiratory dis eases 8.Pregnant women and children.

8.Patients with severe osteoporosis

9.Patients with serious skin diseases

10.Patients with acute lumbar injuries

I1.People who suffer from other conditions or diseases, please

12.consult with a medical practitioner

Instructions for use

1.Wear directly against the skin or on loose fitting clothing

2.Wear between the lower rib cage and hip attaching the belt firmly

3.Clip pump onto the gas valve of the belt, and then inflate the belt by pumping the pump.

4.The most effective traction effect is obtained when the air columns of belt are fully inflated

5. It is recommended that initially the belt be worn for 30 60 minutes at a time, if no side effects or pain is experienced then the usage time can be periodi cally extended

6. Do not wear the belt when sleeping.

7. When uninflating the belt after usage unscrew, the air valve on the belt until the air escapes, ensure the belt is fully deflated then loosen the Velcro fas tenor

company introduction

Jiangsu Alphay international trade co ltd is specialize in manufacturing air traction belt and health device . our product owns certificate of FDA,CE and the chinese patent . the belt can help patients to release the lower back pain and has an effective treatment to the intervertebral disk diseas through the air traction system .

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