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Polypropylene Rotary Die Head Film Blowing Machine Set (SJ-55(60, 65))

Post Date : September 21
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From Feb 23,2012 To Feb 23,2013
South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid East, Eastern Asia
Plastic Extruding Machine
T/T,depend on customers
SJ-55(60, 65)
Sea shipment or depend on customers
Extrusion-Blow Molding


The machine is suitable for producing PP. It is widely be used for packing food, garment, textile, daily necessaries and industrial product etc.

1. Die head can be turned in 360", it can strengthen the tension and evenness degree film.
2. Screw stem and cylinder are all made of 38 CRMOALA alloy, and treated by nitrogen. It has an advantage of great thickness, corrosion resistance and endurance etc.
3. Die head has been chromized, it's advantage of screw core structure, melting material extruding evenly, and blowing film smoothly etc. Cooling equipment is a labyrinth blow
Pump which has good effect. Especially, it adopts the recycling cooling water system to ensure the best transparent effect.
4. Discharging equipment adopts pressing braking winding equipment winding equipment, and it adopts torque motor to adjust, has the merits of smooth film, convenience operation.

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Jumbo Bag Making Machine (FQC-800)

Jumbo Bag Making Machine (FQC-800)

Jumbo Bag Making Machine (FQC-800)

1. This bag making machine is designed and manufactured upon exporting.

2. It is computer-controlling full-automatic bag-making machine which combine electric and instrument control.

3. It is suitable for making bags of many kinds heat-melting film such as PE.

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Computer Hot-Cutting & Hot- Sealing Bag Making Machine (FQCH-600)

Computer Hot-Cutting & Hot- Sealing Bag Making Machine (FQCH-600)

Computer Hot-Cutting & Hot- Sealing Bag Making Machine (FQCH-600)

1. Usage: FQCH model bag making machine is suitable for making print bags or no-print bags.

2. Semi-automatic: It can do one-line production of the following steps: Heat sealing and heat cutting. The film has to use another punch to make it into bag. So it is semi-automatic.

3. Computer control system: The user can use the monitor control panel on the computer to read technical parameters, set bag length, working speed. It is very convenient.

4. Photo cell: Photo cell is used for print bag to do one line production.

5. Photoelectric control feeding system: This system is used to control film feeding system.

6. Automatic temperature control: It adopts intelligent temperature controller to control the temperature easily.

7. Electric static mover bar: It can treat the static on the film, the finished bags will easily go out and be smoothe.

8. Automatic counting system: User can set the numbers of bags by each bundle. The computer will automatically count it. In this way, the user can easily know the production of bags.

9. Alarm system: When the machine finish the quantities of bags, which is set by the user. The alarm system will give alarm sound to reminder the user its near finishing job. Moreover, if the photo cell can not find the printed mark position, it will also alarm.

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