Zebra Mussel Killer

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  • Zebra Mussel Killer
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  • Zebra Mussel Killer
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Post Date : October 12
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Zebra Mussel Killer
Minnesota United States
Dissolves the shells !!


Zebra Mussel and Quagga Mussel Killer. Dissolves their shells!!
you tube Video - Search for Zebra Mussel Killer





Video of Zebra Mussel Killer in action on you tube:

www you tube com/watch?v=UaEu3J-Q0To



While the ability to stop the invasion of hitchhiking pests into our waterway systems by the Quagga and Zebra mussels may take years, the right and Safe cleaning solution is HERE!  Most importantly the end result is accomplished environmentally, financially, safely, economically, within projected completion and with peace of mind for the future of our Environment and generations to come

These pests cause damages to the extreme in our Power Generation Plants, Irrigation Systems, Waste Management Facilities and Municipality Treatment Facilities.  Historically we have had to rely on one of two remedies to clean our infrastructures;  first that of very harsh and extremely environmentally hazardous/toxic chemicals and second, very time consuming, mechanical cleaning procedures of which damage the structural surface substrates to which the pests cling to.

Zebra Mussel KillerZeb will dissolve the Zebra and Quagga Mussels safely without putting toxins in our waterways and there is no longer a need to mechanically damage the substrate of the surfaces we are cleaning.  Zebra Mussel Killer is OSHA safe and environmentally safe with NSF ratings.  This product can be used and is recommended, in circulation applications, and will not damage rubber seals, gaskets or diaphragms.

Our product can be reused multiple times and there is no mess to clean up or haul off, they are dissolved.

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Currently Passing 1700 Hours on QFOQ  ASTM B-117

Picture is 430 hours QFOG (Only 2 coats applied by cloth)

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