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Vacuum Powder Atomizing System

Post Date : October 14
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Rotating Disc Vacuum Atomizer, YGA 1400 Series

YARAN's rotary atomizer produces higher yields for fine powders than conventional gas atomizers, resulting in superior flow ability relative to other atomized powders. The unit features a dedicated atomizer and blending vessels which improve powder purity. This process results in the lowest alloy oxygen and nitrogen content powder.

Rotating Disc Vacuum Atomizer, YGA 1400 Series

Uniform powder products form
special alloys and high melting
temperature materials
Possibility of using molten materials
or direct continues arc melting of
metal rods
Fully controlled and high
safety system in addition to easy
Ultimate pressure10-2 - 10-3 mbar
Max. temperature1,700 °C
Vacuum pumpRotary and diffusion pump
Rotating speed Fully controllable
Melting capacity 20-250 kg/cycle

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Vacuum Hot Pressing

Vacuum Hot Pressing

Vacuum Hot Pressing

Precise Hot Press, YHP 1500 Series

Precise Hot Press, YHP 1500 Series
This high-temperature hot press is designed for experiments on fine ceramics and other new materials. Sintering of fine powders at high temperatures and pressures allows fast production of high-quality high-strength ceramics that are near their theoretical density.

Fully automatic control by PLC,
touch screen or PC programming for
both heating and pressing
Easy to operate and maintain
State of the art horizontal design
with front-open chamber
Easy loading and removal of die
Press force is controlled by adding a
drive mechanism to the hydraulic
Compact and Ideal for laboratories
Easy installation in a small space
Providing same basic performance
and functionality of a high production

10-3 mbarVacuum pressure
200 × 150 (mm)Effective chamber dimension
1500 °CMaximum temperature
up to 80 tonPress capacity
Rotary vane pump, Diffusion pump (opt.)Vacuum Pump
N2, Ar, H2Gases
30 KVA, 220 V, AC Power

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Chamber Furnaces, YCF 1000 Series

Chamber Furnaces, YCF 1000 Series

Chamber Furnaces, YCF 1000 Series

Chamber Furnaces, YCF 1000 Series

Maximum operating temperatures of
Chamber capacities of 3, 8, 15 & 30 lit
Heating elements include nichrom (NiCr)
silicon carbide (SiC) or molybdenum
desilicate (MoSi2), depending on working
temperature, arranged symmetrically
around a separate ceramic work-tube to
ensure excellent thermal uniformity
Hardwearing refractory brick in chamber
entrance and hearth provide good
resistance to abrasion

Elsewhere, lightweight ceramic fiber insulation is used which ensures
good energy efficiency and rapid heating
Positive break door safety switch isolates chamber from power supply,
when the door is opened
Double skinned construction allows convection air flow to cool the outer
case, to conform to safety standards
Choice of PID controller or programmers

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