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Post Date : October 16
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GENERAL INFORMATION Suitable bikes 12V battery bikes* point ignition bike, fly magnet ignition bike, 6V battery bike, non-battery bike and AC (Alternate Current) bikes are unable to be installed. Power comsuption 150mA ave. (max. 250mA) Measurements 89mm (L) x 42mm (W) x 21.5mm (T) FUNCTIONS Rev. counter Measure the engine revolution by picking up the ignition noiseDisplay from 0 to 16000rpm (display in 100rpm unit)For 1 to 12 cylinder(s) engine* Due to electromagnetic wave from bike itself, sometimes meter can not measure the accurate revolution. Temp. meter Radiator liquid temperature or engine oil temperature is measurable* The choice of measuring temperature is where the sensor is going to be fitted.* Please prepare a suitable separate-sold temp. sensor for your bikeDisplay from -10 to 150 deg Centigrade or 14 to 300 deg Fahrenheit Oil pressure meter Display from 0 to 1000kpa* Please prepare the separate-sold oil pressure sensor and a suitable adaptor for your bike Voltage meter Display from 9V to 16V Warning Set up the warning point of max. revolution and temperature as you like,and when the measured value reaches to the warning point,backlight turns into red and light up the LED light.* Sometimes unable to distinguish the change of the backlight during daylight Peak hold Max. revolution is memorized and renewed automatically.And also be able to erase the record. Bar signal Choose one from revolution, temperature and oil pressure,and display it with bar signal. LED back light Backlight can be chosen from blue, clear, green and orange* Sometimes unable to distinguish the change of the backlight during daylight Shifting light Set up the shifting point as you like,and when the measured value reaches to the set-up point,the LED light flashes.
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