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milky tube

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Jiangsu China (Mainland)
Twin Tube
Liangyungang, shanghai
High Ozone
500,000 Piece/Pieces per Month more
Clear Quartz Pipe
heater, lamp


Certification:ISO 9001,ISO14001, OHSAS18001
Min tolerance: +/- 0.2mm
milky tube, opaque quartz tube, white quartz tube

Company: Donghai Shengda Quartz Products Co., Ltd

Certification: ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001

Advantage: cost price controlled well, high precision, good quality.

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Our clear fused quartz glass tubes are produced with the advantaged continuous melting method and controlled by automatic control system. These tubes advantages are high purity, good spectral transmission, well controlled dimension and low OH, etc. They’re the best heat resisting material for lamps like: halogen lamps, mercury lamps, metal halide lamps, etc. We can produce the tubes within a very large diameter rang: OD 3-80mm, thickness 0.6 – 2.0mm , length 800- 2400mm. Exhaust tubes with good CPK and are suitable for high-speed streamline producing. We also can apply some further processing like trim cutting, fire polishing, bending, pinching, grinding and others according to customers’ requirements. We also can control our tubes OH content within 20ppm\ 15ppm\10ppm\5ppm\2ppm as your special needs.

Dimensional Tolerance
Range of OD OD OD Thickness Siding Out of Round Bow/1220mm
≤ 6mm ± 2.0% ± 10% 12% 2.0% 2.5mm
6.00-15.00mm ± 1.25% ± 8% 10% 1.5% 2.5mm
15.00-20.00mm ± 1.25% ± 10% 15% 1.5% 2.5mm

20.00-25.00mm ± 1.25% ± 10% 15% 1.5% 2.5mm
25.00-30.00mm ± 1.35% ± 12% 15% 1.5% 2.5mm
30.00-80.00mm ± 1.5% ± 14% 15% 2.0% 2.5mm

Physical properties:
Density Density 20 °C kg * m-3 (× 103) 2.2
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion:25-300 °C °C -1 (× 10-6) 0.56
Softening Point: (°C) 1710
Annealing point: (°C) 1230
Transformation point Strain point (°C) 1140
Young's Modulus: (Pa) 7.3 × 105


The product is widely used: halogen lamps, mercury lamps, single-ended lamp, automobile lamp, stage lamp, thermocouple, copiers lights, water treatment lamp casing, all kinds of quartz vessels, pipelines and other fields.

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clear fused silicon quatz glass tube OD20mm

clear fused silicon quatz glass tube OD20mm

clear fused silicon quatz glass tube OD20mm

1.clear fused silicon quatz glass tube OD20mm
2 no bubble and no processing trade
3 temperature resistence
4 high quality

Product Certificate: ISO9001; ISO14001; OHSAS1800

Product charactrastics: high purity. heat risistant,corrosion resistant ,good spetral transmission,lower OH,many sizes,good spectral trasimission

contact information: Tel: 86-0518-85816998 86-518-87512111


Company information : Donghai Shengda Quartz Products CO.,LTD

Clear fused silicon quatz glass tube OD20mm

The main composition of quartz golass tube is silica so it has many excelent physical and chemical capacibility and it's one of the best material of halogen lamos ,mercury lamps ,metal halide lamps and other quartz lamps.

fetures as below

high purity Through our advanced equipment and refined craft,the clear fused glass tube is of high purity,good spectral transmission,well cntrolled dimension and lower OH .it's te first choice of heat resistant material for halogen laps,mercury lamps,metal halide lapsand other quartz lamps.

many sizes, Full range of OD 3-80mm ,WT 0.6-2.0mm , Length 800-2400 mm

Further processing of trim cutting , fir polishing,bending and pinching can be done according to the requirements of custermer.

lower OH Lower OH content and can be controlled within 20ppm/15ppm10ppm/5ppm/2ppm according to the requirements of our our custmer

The detailed dimensional tolerance and techinicaldata can be found below

Dimensional Tolerance

Range of ODODWTSiding Out of roundBow
<6mmPandN 2.0%PandN10%12%2.00%2.5mm
6.00-15.00mmPandN 1.25%PandN8%10%1.50%2.5mm
15.00-20.00mmPandN 1.25%PandN10%15%1.50%2.5mm
20.00-25.00PandN 1.25%PandN10%15%1.50%3.0mm
25.00-30.00PandN 1.35%PandN12%15%1.50%3.0mm
30.00-80.00mmPandN 1.5%PandN14%15%2.00%3.0mm

Chemical Composition


Spectral Transmission at1.0mm Thickness


Physical Properties

Density(g cc)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion(cm cm°C)5.5×10-75.9×10-76.7×10-7
Softening Point(°C)168316601615
Annealing point(°C)121512041163
Transformation point(°C)112011061066
refraction point1.45851.4561.46
specific heat(j kgok)670700690
compressive resistance(Pa)>1.1×1090.94×10100.55×1010
Young modulus(Pa)7.2×10107.5×10107×1010

pls feel free to contact us for further information



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U- bent clear carbon fiber Quartz Tube for Heating Elements

U- bent clear carbon fiber Quartz Tube for Heating Elements

U- bent clear carbon fiber Quartz Tube for Heating Elements

OD8mm to OD25mm 110v-480v 50w to 10000w
U bent,ring-like shape,C shape,wave-like
lectricity-heat transformation reaching 98%

contact information: Tel: 86-0518-85816998 86-518-87512111


Company information : Donghai Shengda Quartz Products CO.,LTD

Carbon fiber quartz electric heater works as a new ideal material for electric heating industry .It can keeps working on a rated operating power and can save power when switch on and off so it has the advantages of energy saving for heating industry,rapid heat-up response 98% electric heating transfer ratio of carbon fiber. Its serving life more than 8000 hours.

Characters :

the transmissivity of infrared is arrived to 70-75%,With out surface coating and infectant, high heat stablility and high temperature resistant.Can be make by various shaped, and ametabolic long using. Heating temperature selective, as well unchangeable radiation ability in long term, Structure reasonable Make used of convenient, Infrared quartz heating element

Application :

health care & heating apparatus,drying equipment,cooking device,medical equipment,fry & baking equipment,brewage & fermentation installation,sterilizing device







Electricity saving ratio


Infrared normal direction radiant ratio

over 94%

Electric heat transformation ratio


Color temperature


operating temperature

less than 1800C

Highest heat temperature endured


Surface temperature



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