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UL /American 2 pin power cord .plug wire

  • 2000 Set/Sets month
  • Guangdong China (Mainland)
  • black white brown
  • PVC
  • Zhongshan
  • Tag:2 pin plug wire, switch wires,switch
Post Date : October 21
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Guangdong China (Mainland)
black white brown
PVC T105
UL standard
100000 Set/Sets per Month week
High Voltage


UL /American 2 pin power cord .plug wire with switch
1)6A 300 V T105
2)black white brown
3) UL standard

supply different kind of plug wires

according to customer's requiryment to fix switch and plug

according to different country standard to make the switch and plug

such as VDE UL standardplug.JPG below

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High quality granular vibration sieve machine

High quality granular vibration sieve machine

High quality granular vibration sieve machine

Screen machine:
1.Accurate rotation,good consistency
2.Long life,low maintenance cost
3.High screening efficiency,clean


1,Technical parameters




Usable sieve diameter



Putting sieve layers



Swing frequency



Slapping frequency


times /min

Reciprocating trip



Slapping height









Shape dimension



Total weight



2,Principle of work

Motor driven gear through the timing belt drive to the spindle, after the spindle speed by the gear required rotational speed, spindle driven eccentric to reciprocating motion skateboarding do to drive installed in the slide tray in the two groups both large and small mesh sieve test rock around the same time, push-rod gear driven spindle rotation speed after the ejector hit top gear by cam mandrel, mandrel to shoot down slap hammer test screen cover, making test sieve, sieve in the sub-sample of the material back and forth and up and down vibration , so that test is less than mesh sieve screen surface material particles into the lower screening test sieve, so layers of screening, so that each layer within the test screen, leaving only the same size material. To achieve the separation of different particle size and to determine the size distribution of this material.
(1) driving accuracy, consistency, good: As the use of gear driven timing belt transmission, speed than accuracy, does not produce the off-speed phenomena in general Triangle (Triangle 3% of the off rate), so that each time under the same time screening exercise in line (gear transmission ratio accuracy of 99.99%), while equipment installation a digital timer, set a good time to automatically shut down to ensure consistency of testing or production requirements.

(2) long service life, maintenance, maintenance cost is low: Since there is no direct contact with the two gears do not wear contacts synchronous and gear, good adaptability and long service life, maintenance, just replace the timing belt at the same time eccentric group adopts a holistic approach again easy to install and accurate, rotating part of the use of bearings (standard parts), easy to wear, low cost, easy to replace. Reduces the maintenance technical requirements and costs.

(3) The screening efficiency is high: This screening approach to screening at the same time with Rattling two kinds of movement back and forth, and do not plug the sieve surface and lower material fast and thorough screening.

(4) Clean

4,Applicable scope

Mainly used in diamond material such as high value of screening accurate, demanding the production; abrasive industry

Widely used in metallurgical, powder, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, geology, feed, national defense department's research and production, lab and quality inspection room, granular, powder material of particle size structure, and sundry amount of standard test screening, filter, standard test screening test.

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Disposable surgical coat with belt

Disposable surgical coat with belt

Disposable surgical coat with belt

Disposable surgical coat:
3Regular size:115*137,120*150cm

Disposable surgical Coats:



2.Prevent and isolate dust,particle,alcohol,blood,bacteria and virus invading.

3.Can be used as a visit coad.

4.Prevent cross-infection in medical treatment at sanitation field.

5.Accord with the hygienic standards.



2.Colour:white,blue,dark blue,purple,orange

3.Regular Size:110*137cm,125*137cm

4.Velco,button,zip types are available.

5.Open cuffs,elastic cuffs,knitted cuffs are acvailable.

6.Sanitation and quality in accordance with the CE,ISO9001,FDA and 13456 standards.

7.Customers' logo can be printed on.

8.Can be customised with different weight of materials and colours.


Disposable nonwoven isolation gown can be used in hospital, laboratory, food industry, electronic manufactures, any where need protection. Prevent and isolate dust, particle, alcohol, blood, bacteria and virus invading. Can be used as a visit protection.Prevent to cross infection in medical treatment at sanitation field. Economical and disposable. Accord with the hygienic standard.

Special Version:
Professional in Producing the nonwoven products.We could design all kinds of nonwoven products according to our customer's drawings or samples.Through more than 10 years of development,the company has accumlates rich exprie-rice of designing and has trei-ned a group of experienced technicians,managers,and a team of talented staff members.

For the more datails,please send us your inquiry.Thank you.


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