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UCB Ultra Capacitor Battery

  • Taiwan
  • Compliant with RoHS
  • 12V
  • 264S1PA
  • Tag:Ultra Capacitor LiFePO4 Battery
Post Date : October 21
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Compliant with RoHS
158mm(L). 83mm(W). 32mm(H)
Ultra Capacitor LiFePO4 Battery


Save 10~15% Fuel
Prolong life of Lead Acid Battery

1. UCB battery can charge and discharge rapidly and offer 15% of the motive force while starting. This shift of burden from the lead-acid battery prolongs the life-span of the lead-acid battery. You will find that even an 5 year old vehicle with the headlight on is easy to start within 1 seconds using our battery.

2. The working voltage of our UCB battery is higher than lead-acid battery (0.8~1.4V), which causes the starting voltage to be higher, resulting in more complete burning.
Lower internal impedance also contributes to increased generator efficiency. That is because the vehicle's generator operates on high frequency, and the energy storage device works better at higher frequency. Not only the UCB influences the working voltage of the lead-acid battery, it also causes some virtual current (electric power) to flow back and forth between the generator and lead-acid battery.

Steady and higher working voltage also makes the spark hotter in the cylinder. To ignite the vaporized gasoline, the voltage across the ignition coil's secondary may be over 20000V, which means the voltage across the ignition coil's secondary has far more windings than the primary; therefore the winding ratio is very large. Or, we shall simply say the ignition in the cylinder is much more sensitive to the battery impedance and working voltage.
The ignition coil consists of two transformer windings (primary and secondary windings) sharing a common magnetic core. An alternating current in the primary winding induces alternating magnetic field in the coil's core. Because the ignition coil's secondary has far more windings than the primary, the coil becomes a step-up transformer, which induces a much higher voltage across the secondary windings.

How About Actual Test Results:
Please refer to Table below. After installing the UCBattery to the traditional lead-acid battery, the mileage for per-liter increases more than 10%. After complete testing process, even the testing driver is surprised with the results, and said that he "can not believe it!"

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