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Automatic Seasoning Pouch Dispenser

Post Date : October 21
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Automatic Seasoning Pouch Dispenser LTV-100


  • Auto feeding function to avold the defect of manual.
  • Connecting with high-speed automatic distributor.
  • Induction feeding by conveyor.
  • For the pouches of powder, liquid, desiccant, oxygen absorber, alcohol, etc.


Capacity : Max 300 packs/ min (in case of pouch length 50mm)

Pouch size : Max 100mm (W) X 30mm (T)

Machine size : 750mm (L) X 470mm (W) X 1000 (H)

Machine weight : 30Kg

Power supply : Single phase, AC220V 50HZ/ 60HZ

Power consumption : 0.1KW

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Taiwan Lih Tay established in 1968 year. We have been insisting to do long-term business continuously as always for our concept from 30 years ago. The concept is designing and manufacturing the most productive, high performance and E time computer center control machine for the instant noodle industries. Until now, we still insist and follow our philosophy. Taiwan Lih Tay focus on R&D with new and high level performance machine so that we keep at the forefront of instant noodle production technology.

We have the excellent ability to project whole factory production equipments for our customer carefully on all details. We do our best to improve our product quality and provide the latest skill to customers. Base on our more than 30 years manufacturing experience, and our goal is research and development continuously to produce each the high end food machine production lines ( bag instant noodle production line, bowl/cup instant noodle production line, every noodle machine production line and every giant and advance food machine).

Taiwan Lih Tay have designed and engineered lots of production equipments both local and overseas and the second to none. According to our plenty of manufacturing experience to produce and research each kind of machine production lines and appear our unique and ingenuity skill ability. However, we are always eager to make progress, create advanced skill and modern management to grow up and develop with all of our customers.

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Vacuum Mixer

Vacuum Mixer

Vacuum Mixer

Vacuum Mixer VMA-20A


  • Fully auto operation recycle ; Auto water feeding while the flour supplying ; Mixer Speed shifting automatically; Auto timing control.
  • PLC Human-machine interface with parameter data setting easily ; friendly operation for worker training simply .
  • Water separate even inside the dough , and raise the rate of hydrous after dough mixed .
  • Improving the dough quality and mouse taste .


Capacity : 200 kgs ( Max.) / time

Power request : Driver / 21.5 HP. Vacuum Pump / 7.5HP.

Main materials : SUS 304

Mixer Speed : 2 Speed shift available .

Machine Dimension : 3,190 mm (L) x 1,410mm (W) x 1,570 mm (H) ~~ 1,770mm (H) / for door extend .

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