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Ss316 Cable Tray Metal Trunking Hot Dip Galvanised Tray

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Post Date : October 22
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Cable Tray, Metal Trunking, SS316 Cable Tray and Trunking, Hot Dip Galvanised Cable Tray and Trunking, Cable Ladder

Cable Tray and Trunking are an essential items in Cable Laying System. For standard cable laying system, metal trunking and metal cable tray are required in their design. Therefore, we keep wide range of stock on Metal Trunking and Metal cable Tray in our warehouse. Most of the time we are using cable tray and trunking spray in orange colour, however, we do provide customer those product in silver colour as requested.

We have gain full support from local manufacturer, thus we can provide the soonest delivery time for our clients. Usually between 7~10 days local delivery time for special made trunking, cable trays or even cable ladder. We can supplies those cable laying system in form of SS304, SS316, Hot Dip Galvanised or Metal type.

The thickness of those tray, ladder or trunking can be variety, thus, any order with the tray, trunking and cable ladder, please provide us with the information of the thickness as well.

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Brass Cable Glands Eexd II Hawke

Brass Cable Glands Eexd II Hawke


Cable glands is an essential product for cable termination. On oil and gas field, it is more important and thus it comes to a EExd II type cable glands. We know the important to have quality cable glands and thus we provide customers with the HAWKE cable glands. We keep wide range stock of cable glands in BRASS type or in NICKEL PLATED types.The range of sizes cover from M20 to M75. Any question regarding the glands, please dont hesitate to call us.

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Explosion Proof Enclosure Junction Box Eexd

Explosion Proof Enclosure Junction Box Eexd

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In oil and gas field, explosion proof material is required for safely purpose. We have wide range of stock list of the explosion proof products. Eexd Type of DB (As picture) is one of the essential products for used in offshore, increased safety factory or even hazadaus gas exposed place. Futhermore, we supply the brass cable gland, Neoprene cable, explosion proof plugs and sockets and even explosion proof light fitting for oil plant uses. The brands include Hawke, CEAG, CHALMIT, ATEX and etc. Any enquiry with the Zone 1 Zone 2 increase safety EExd product please dont hesistate to fax or email us for price quote.
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