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Laxmi soliquators

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Post Date : October 22
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laxmi soliquators
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This is slurry filtration plant used in marble and other plants to filter
Slurry from water to reuse water for Processing.

Slurry Water Treatment Plant

. The company offers a Waste Water Treatment Plant for filtration and recirculation of water in the sawing operations in stone quarries. Steel fabricated water sedimentation tanks ensure crystal clear filtration and re-cycling of water, which is mixed with marble slurry, hence, keeping the environment pollution free. Supply of clean water to the machines enhances fast cutting of stone as well as more production and tool life. The process of filtration involves the collection of slurry mixed water from the machine in an underground tank. Here water is chemically treated by injecting chemical, through a state-of-the-art dozing pump for separation of water from slurry. Then chemically treated water is pumped through heavy-duty slurry pump to conical tank. Here the slurry settles down in the cone of tank and clear water over flows in another tank, which supplies clear, slurry free water to machine. The deposited slurry in conical tank is removed through a heavy-duty sluice valve at the bottom of the tank, directly into truck tanker for disposing slurry at prescribed site, in order to maintain pollution free environment

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Gantry crane suitable to lift 20 to 50 tonn capacity with Heavy duty steel fabricated structures and all saftey control systems.


The structural frame of GANTRY CRANE consists of two load bearing box beams fabricated out of steel plates with inner stiffening ribs. The beam are connected together through end boxes and supported by beam on both side with Tie beam. The lifting trolley is a sturdy frame of channel section stiffened with ribs and plates. The load lifting is achieved through a rope drum coupled to gear box and motor and wire rope pulls the load through swivel block with forged hook on bearings.
The gantry crane moves longitudinally on double flat band steel wheel driver through suitable gear boxes and motors. The control functions are through control panel and locked electrically and mechanically and proper limit switches one placed accordingly.
The material used are of the highest quality and consistent good performance along with proper safety regulations are chief features of our cranes in every sphere of operation and area.

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